Sep 23, 2011

Things I've learned...

The weeks just keep passing us by and I can't even believe that September is almost over. There's a chill in the air that is unmistakably fall. We'll be slowly exchanging our shorts and t-shirts for sweaters and long pants. I'm gearing up for October and want to celebrate Halloween with a bang especially since Jack is a little older and can walk now. I can't wait but for now here is what I've learned this week:

-Jack is mimicking everything we do. When I watch a show or find something funny and laugh, he'll laugh exactly how I do. He even throws his head back like I do. Such a ham!!
-Kendric smiles when I say, "Smile for mama!"

-Jack is such a goof, his personality is awesome! He is always so happy and does the funniest things.

-The application HeyTell on my phone is amazing. It's almost like a walkie talkie. I love to randomly HeyTell my sissy Mariel especially when Jack is speaking his 'Marshallese'.
-Whenever I see a wall-to-wall conversation between my sisters, I get a little 'sister sick'. I don't get home sick because my home is where my heart (Isaiah) is but it makes me miss my sissy's.
-Kendric loves to watch t.v., look at the lights and will cry just so he can get carried.

-I love when Hola tries to stall to keep me on the phone. He will think of the most random things to say or talk about. I sure miss my little man.
{photo taken by Jayeb Photography}
-I love that before I fall into a deep sleep Isaiah will reach over and hold my hand.
-I love to laugh at t.v. shows with my husband. I'm reminded every time he's not here that it's so much better when he is!!
-Netflix aerobics is kicking my butt which is exactly what I need.
-I miss going to Zumba classes.
-Letting Jack make a mess even though I'm itching to clean it immediately really makes my life easier.
-Jack is so helpful. He loves to help me sweep the floors and wash the dishes. I've learned it's much easier to let him help me than to have him throw his fit.
-Naps are still the best.
-Isaiah feels unsettled and won't sleep until he knows we're taken care of. He knew he was leaving this weekend for his football game at Georgia Southern University which is seven hours away from where we live. (We still haven't decided on a car just because we don't want to rush into anything and then have it break down on us a week later.) We were running low on milk and could have made it until he came back Sunday but he didn't want to risk it. It was late Thursday night and he was trying to think of his friends that would be able to take him to Walmart so he could stock up before he left. At 11:30 PM one of his friends told him that he would be able to and Isaiah was so glad. He left and came back with groceries and Jack's milk. When he sat down after putting the groceries away he said that he finally felt relieved.
I thought it was the sweetest thing for him to be worried to leave us and wanted to make sure we'd be ok while he was gone. To him this gesture was nothing, it was something he felt he needed to do as the head of our household but to me, it spoke volumes. He's constantly showing gestures of his love for me and his boys. I'm truly blessed.

I can sit here and talk about how lucky I am but I know it's not luck. They're all blessings and blessings I'm recognizing each and every day. Thank you for those of you who have sent me your emails and for continuing to be a part of our lives. We thank you and hope that you have an amazing weekend!!


  1. So very true about the blessings :) I am very happy to know that you have a wonderful husband who takes such great care of you and the boys. You are pretty awesome yourself!

  2. Talisha, you are so wonderful to keep reminding everyone of the blessings we all have. It is so easy to forget all the good things. Thank you for being a great example to me!


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