Sep 5, 2011

What's Jack up to?

For me blogging is pretty much an online journal as well as a way for my family and friends to stay connected with us and our everyday lives. I may have a great memory but I can't remember everything so this is a good thing for me to keep and look back on to read and enjoy. When Hola was born I used to document everything in my journal but I have been slacking in the writing-in-my-journal department. I haven't been doing the greatest job in documenting what my boys are up to, the things they say and funny little moments. So I've decided to let you all know what Jack's been up to. His likes, dislikes and all that's in between.
He definitely knows what he wants and is a very persistent little boy.
He is growing so fast and he doesn't look like your typical one year old. He is tall, thick and nothing but solid. He's going to be quite the coach's dream as far as athletic build is concerned! His shoe size is 7 1/2, wears clothing from 24 months up to 2T. He has the cheesiest smile and a cute little gap but hopefully that gap goes away once his permanent teeth come in. Last night he grabbed one of his soft blankets, scrunched it up and held it like a baby as he was rocking and singing it to sleep. It was so cute. He is still learning how to be soft with his brother. Sometimes he'll rub Kendric's head softly and sometimes he'll try to charge at him. He still refuses to give his brother a kiss. Jack laughs whenever he sees me and Isaiah hug. This morning he saw Isaiah give me a kiss and he looked at me, puckered his big lips and wanted me to kiss him too. It was so adorable. He loves to sing. In Sacrament meeting when everyone sings the hymns, he is the loudest singer. He loves listening to music and dancing.
Jack loves to eat apples and cheetos puffs. He thinks it's funny when he bites us but is so good around kids. He'd never do it to anyone besides us. He does this fake laugh where he'll throw his head back and say, "AHA!" He has his own jibberish language which is very funny to hear. I've been around tons of kids my whole life and he is the first that actually blabbers the way he does. I'll have to post a video to show you what I mean. It makes me laugh, when he speaks, it almost sounds like he's speaking Marshallese. My dad, Papa and brother speak Marshallese and his gibberish sounds quite similar!
He loves going on walks. He is like the energizer bunny, he keeps going until he drops. Like most kids, he will fight it if he's sleepy. He doesn't want to miss anything. He has the cutest little curls and everyone that sees him loves them. He is a big flirt and loves to show off. He is an absolute joy to have and the biggest goofball. We have so much fun with him and he makes us laugh all the time.

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