Oct 16, 2011

Feels Like...

It has been forever since I've posted but I have definitely been gone for good reason. I've been in deep thought and study of the good books we've been blessed with but I did think it'd be a good idea to post my week in photos. Granted these are photos of the last two weeks but you get the gist!
Jack loves his puppy that our friend Chuck gave him.
I was cleaning and found him in the kitchen.
There are definitely two things that aren't in its right place. The boy and the remote. (which by the way was thrown away by Jack and is long gone now.)
Kendric is all smiles whenever he sees the camera!
He'll slip away into the room and when it gets quiet I always think he's getting into something. But I usually find him like this. (don't mind my sheet-less mattress. It was in the wash.)
Here's another thing that is out of its place. Oh Jack!!
Sleepy Kendric and Jack watching his shows.
He loves looking outside. I always wonder what he's thinking when he's staring out of the window.
Kendric is worn out from our visit to the cider mill.
So was Jack.
He loves his ice cream cone. Don't mess with him while he's eating it, he'll bite you!
I was putting our groceries away and found him in the fridge.
Kendric is all smiles. He loves to smile, talk and laugh. He'll also cry when we put him down just so we can pick him back up.

I hope you all have been using your time wisely and savoring all the moments you have with the ones you love. This weekend Daddy had an away game so Friday and Saturday it was just me and the boys. I was brave enough to take them to Walmart just to get out of the house. Jack loved it and he gets so quiet and calm when we're in the car. He loves the outdoors. That's when you know you're in a small town is when going to Walmart is a fun trip. It's pretty much like Snow College. Everyone goes to Walmart to hang out!! We hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and a great week!


  1. Talisha, your boys are seriously so adorable! I absolutely LOVE Jack's curly hair - so dang cute!

  2. Ah life with crazy boys. I'm glad I'm not the only one! Love ya, Talisha!


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