Oct 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Khayleb!!

Happy Birthday to my Khayleb!!
I can't believe that it has been eight years since my Khayleb Vaihola was born. He is such a joy and we are so blessed and thankful to have him in our lives. He has always had a love for dogs and enjoyed his time with our dogs in California.

He has always been such a goofball and always knows how to make me laugh.

He went from being a Jazz lover to following in Isaiah's footsteps of loving the Lakers and Kobe Bryant.

He is the best big brother and loves these two little ones so much!

He knew he only had two months to spend time with his brothers before having to go back to Utah for school so he savored every moment with them. He loved the fact that Kendric was so small and cuddly.

Hola loves making Jack laugh and they love playing games together.

 He is always so considerate and never wants me to spend money on what he thinks is unnecessary. He wanted to use his own money to buy himself that baseball helmet so I made him think he bought it with his money. (He got even happier when he found out he had 'leftover' money!!) He is so smart and knows a good deal when he sees one. We went to the Salvation Army and he found that helmet for only $2. I am so blessed to have such a helpful son and is always trying to find ways to help make things easier for me. I never say anything, he can sense when I am feeling down, stressed or under the weather. He is truly wise beyond his years. I am grateful I have been able to watch him grow into such a strong boy. He said that he couldn't wait to be eight because he is looking forward to being baptized so that he can have the Holy Ghost be with him at all times. I love my spiritual giant. He enjoyed going to church and learning the teachings of Jesus. He would come home and sing primary songs and tell me how much he loves Primary.
 He is a great protector and loves to watch his brothers. He has always wanted siblings ever since he could understand what a brother or sister was. He would constantly ask me if he could have a brother and now he has two. The time that he has had with his brothers has made him so happy. He loves to help me out and takes really good care of them. I can't wait to see when they grow a little older and how they interact with one another.
 Hola is a special boy and exudes a special light from within. He has the biggest heart and loves everyone in his life.
He was so helpful in asking me if I was okay or if I needed anything while I was in the hospital after having Kendric.
Even when Hola is sleeping he enjoys entertaining his little brother!!
He likes to make sure his brother's needs are taken care of before his own. For Hola being as young as he is, he has traits that are admirable and will be a great asset for him as he continues to get older.

He is so genuine and thoroughly enjoyed Jack's first birthday. He was so happy for Jack and loved the fact that he was able to be there on his special day.

I am blessed and honored to be able to call Hola my son. He is such an amazing spirit and I can't thank him enough for being such a wonderful boy. These past eight years we have felt joy, pain, sorrow but most of all unconditional love. We have such a strong bond and know that no matter what we will always have each other in our hearts. As we had heart-to-heart conversations in the summer he told me he knows how much Isaiah and I love him. He says even though things may be hard now he knows things will get better. He sees the good in everything and never complains about his situation. 
I love you son with all my heart. You mean the world to me and we can't wait to see you again. We hope you have a great day and are so happy that you were able to see Grandma and your aunties and uncle. We think of you and pray for you everyday that you are safe and continue to stay strong in all that you do.


  1. What a sweet little guy! I hope he had a great day!

  2. He is too cute! Happy Birthday to him!

  3. Thank you Holli and Laura, you two are the best!!


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