Oct 3, 2011

J and K all the way!!

Here are the happenings in our home. I wanted to post about what the boys have been up to because I'll forget and then I'll be sad because there is so much to soak up and take in. I'm enjoying my time with my boys. I love watching them do new things each and everyday. I love their quirks, smirks and everything else that makes them unique.

Today after dinner Jack took Isaiah's ice cream cone. He loves to go into his little corner and eat. He'll even do his 'business' there, maybe it relaxes him or maybe he's like me. I used to have a spot at my old house. It was on top of the vent in our living room. I would sit there and think it was the coolest thing. During the winter I would sit over the vent, tuck my hands and legs in my shirt and take in all the heat! I thought it was the best! Anyway Jack was sitting in his corner eating his ice cream cone and the whole time he was there he would act like he was giving the cone back to Isaiah only to pull it away again. He is such a tease. He does it all the time. He'll do it with my phone, the remote control, pretty much anything he knows we want. He loves to sit on the sofa and laugh his evil little laugh. When he has something he knows he's not supposed to have, he'll chuckle. He is so sneaky. He's tricked me a few times and he's charming so we can't even get upset with him. He loves to play with lids, pots and Tupperware. He waits for me to open the fridge just so he can quickly get his hands onto whatever he can before I pull him away. Whenever I go into the bathroom to put something away or to tidy it up, he'll immediately try to touch the plunger or the toilet bowl cleaner. Just like any other little kid, he also loves to mess with the toilet paper and unroll it. He still likes to have his bottle when he's tired and I'm trying to wean him off. He didn't have a bottle at all today. He would get mad, grab my hand and walk me to the fridge so I could give him his 'milky' and I would just walk back to the living room. After a while he finally gave up and drank from his sippy cup. We're slowly making progress. I read somewhere that the typical age to wean a child off the bottle is 18 months. We'll just take it day by day.
Kendric is smiling like crazy. He laughed out loud yesterday and it was so cute. He is such a happy baby and hardly ever cries. He will get fussy when he's hungry but still doesn't cry much. Jack kissed Kendric a few days ago for the first time. He is slowly but surely learning how to be soft with his brother.
Our boys are so much fun and keep me on my toes. We've purchased our car but the guy that sold it to us won't let us take the car until Isaiah receives his North Carolina license. He's making a big fuss out of nothing and I was so irritated when Isaiah told me. They guy's received his money, transferred the title into Isaiah's name but said that we have to wait until Isaiah gets his ID in order for us to take it. The only reason why we aren't throwing a fit about it and taking the car anyway is because the guy that sold us the car is one of our good friend's boss. Our good friend's name is Chuck. He's looked out for Isaiah since he's been here and is just a genuinely nice guy. He's a shuttle driver at the University and has helped Isaiah out a lot. He even gave Isaiah a birthday card to send to me when I was in California. We didn't want to get Chuck stuck in the middle of this mess so we are just going to be patient and wait for the ID. Once we receive it then we will never have to deal with Chuck's boss again. With that said, this incident has made me realize how some people really are. On the surface they can be nice but when it comes to business they can be downright grimy. It's helped build my character in trying not to react in a harsh or cruel manner. I'm trying to be patient and some days are better than others.
Anyway this post was supposed to be about the boys and somehow I got sidetracked. Oh well, these are the happenings in our little town. I am definitely glad that this is just a temporary move and that within a year and a half we will no longer be residents of Cullowhee!! North Carolina isn't the greatest but we're making the best of what we've got. Our town is definitely behind the times. Isaiah went to the DMV which was a small office that used to be a lumber store (weird I know) and when he gave the guy his debit card to pay for his ID the guy looked at him like he was an alien! They only accepted cash or checks. Kind of funny. We're glad that we are all together and I am missing my Hola dearly. I long to give him hugs and kisses. I call daily yet get no answer. Sometimes I feel a little helpless and can't wait until we move to Utah so our family can be closer to him until then I trust that the Lord is watching over him and keeping him safe. We love and miss you Hola!! I hope that you all enjoyed General Conference as well. I posted my feelings about it here
Have a great week!

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