Oct 3, 2011

Things I've learned...

I know this was a late "things I've learned" post but I figure I'd better post it now so without further ado here it is:

I've learned that:

-There's no use telling Jack, "NO." He doesn't listen.
-Kendric is making sure that he's being heard and he's not going to be left out. He is loud and laughs a lot.
-Jack's gibberish still cracks me up.
-Cullowhee is not for me! haha
-Naps still are awesome!
-Jack just wants to do things on his own.
-Zeeky needs a new defensive coordinator.
-Jack is starting to respond to our questions we ask him.
-Jack has four new teeth cutting and he is definitely a slobber monkey!
-Jack is still loud, I wonder what our neighbors think.
-Talking to Hola makes me happy.
-I love when I hear the door open, it's great when daddy comes home!
-Nap time has been a lot longer because Jack is going through a growth spurt.
-Instead of waiting for Jack to go to sleep, it's easier to just go to the room and lay down. He always follows suit!
-General Conference is always amazing and I look forward to the next one.

I hope you all had an amazing week and that this one will be a great one as well. I love the month of October and the crisp air but mostly because it is birthday month for Isaiah and Hola.

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  1. Yep....still love reading your blog :)You are so cute!


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