Nov 3, 2011

It's nap time...

 and I don't really feel like taking a nap although I usually do because Jack likes to go to bed late and wake up early. I have been doing an awful job on keeping up with our blog so I thought now would be a good time to post an update. By the way I'm so sorry for being so fickle but I thought long and hard and even longer and even harder and decided that I'm going to make our blog public again. The only reason why I wanted to make our blog private was because of some nosy people but I realized it doesn't matter what they think. They can read all they want because I have nothing to hide. I have a voice and on this blog I can share my thoughts and feelings as I see fit. Another reason for going public is because I know my mom and dad ONLY read it when I post the link on facebook and this is our way of keeping them in the loop. I love to stumble upon other people's blogs so I would want them to do the same for mine. Sorry for going back and forth, I'm usually not that indecisive!

Anyway, not much has happened here other than the boys are growing rapidly and I miss my Hola like crazy. My in-laws came and spent the week with us and were here for Isaiah's homecoming game. They haven't been doing so well record wise but Isaiah is still performing nicely. He works hard and I'm grateful for him.
Jack was so happy to see his grandparents and they spent the week venturing off to different places near by. They've done more than we have since we've been here. I could venture off and explore with the boys but I'd rather go with Isaiah and the boys are young so they could care less what kinds of shinanigans I get them into!  We have our routine and daddy comes and goes. I have to hide or keep Jack distracted when Isaiah leaves the apartment or else Jack will scream bloody murder. It's quite sad but I love that he'll cuddle me until he gets over it. Sometimes I wish they could stay this age forever. I look back at when Hola was this age and it makes me long for him. He is growing into a wonderful person and is kind and so thoughtful. When I spoke to him about how he felt because he is now eight he said, "It feels great mom, I'm practically a man now." He is too funny and my boys continue to help me become a better person. It is through them that I gain Christlike attributes such as meekness, patience, unconditional love, endless faith and precious innocence. Don't get me wrong, there are some days where I struggle but at the end of each day I marvel at the blessings I have. I am strengthened each day and know that these little ones were sent to me for a purpose. I only hope that I will do a good job in teaching them.
The other day we went to a restaurant called Bogarts. It's a nice little restaurant that is famous for their ribs and wings. I love the pasta they have. We went with our good friends Chuck and his wife Gwen. These two have been amazing. They are so helpful and are always so nice. They check on us weekly and we just love their company. They are retirees that moved to North Carolina from Michigan about ten years ago. These two are such sweet spirits and we are so glad to have met them. They remind me of my grandparents, well my dad's foster parents but to my siblings and me, they are our only grandparents we really know. Anyway we went to Bogart's with them while Isaiah's parents were here and I wanted to go again soon because I liked it so much. I didn't think it would be that soon but we ended up there the next day! We decided to get dessert as well and we tried their fried oreos. They were super yummy! I'm sure most of you are wondering where I've been because you've already tried it but this was our first time and it was so good. I am actually going to make them so I'll let you know how they turn out.
I've definitely been gone long enough but I will do better at posting at least weekly! I hope you all have had a wonderful week and will have an even greater weekend!!
This is Jack the first night Nana and Papa were here. Showing off his sunglasses!!
 Jack and Papa getting  ready to go on another adventure.
Papa and Kendric. He was crying because he was in his crib and as soon as Papa picked him up he fell asleep!!

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  1. Love seeing how your family is doing. Send Isaiah and the boys my love. Love you, cousin :)


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