Nov 5, 2011

Where Did October go?!

I absolutely love Halloween. It is my favorite holiday and I usually put a lot of emphasis on this holiday just because I think it is so much fun. We put up a few decorations compliments of Nana and I dressed the boys up. We had plans to take the kids trick or treating with some friends but that fell through. Isaiah had practice and when he was done, it was dark. There aren't very many neighborhoods here and I was sure the people in our apartment complex were busy partying and not waiting to hand out candy. They're all college students and  I didn't really want to attempt to knock on doors at our complex. We live in a small town and it's not really geared towards little ones. I didn't mind that we didn't go all out this year because our boys are young and they could care less about candy. Plus it's a good thing we didn't go trick or treating because then the candy would sit on the counter and call out for me so then I'd have to eat it! :) I have been trying to cut down on sweets. I'm such a junk food junkie but I've seen a few photos of myself and I am NOT impressed so I need to lose lots of weight! So far I'm down nine pounds in two weeks but have lots more to go!!
Anyway this year Jack was Scooby Doo and Kendric was a lion. He wore Jack's costume from last year and they just looked so adorable. We decided that we'd just grab a bite to eat and take the boys for a drive. Jack loved it and he loved the fact that he got a milk shake too!! He is one goofy boy. I always joke around saying that he is my sour patch kid because one minute he is pinching me, pulling my hair and even biting me and then immediately after he'll kiss me and smile. He's such a charmer. He'll look at me with his big brown puppy dog eyes and his long lashes and I melt!!

This Halloween was fun although we didn't do anything. It was great to just be together and spend quality time with each other. We are loving the fact that Jack is being more gentle with Kendric and acknowledging him! It's a very big step from when we first moved to North Carolina. Jack wouldn't even look at Kendric and refused to give him kisses. Now he willingly kisses him and does it a lot! Kendric is such a happy baby and is all smiles all the time. He is so easy and very patient. When he is hungry and Jack is throwing one of his temper tantrums, Kendric will stop crying and just wait. Sometimes he has to wait a little longer if Jack is on one. If he does he'll just fall asleep on his own, I was blessed with such good babies. Some days I wish I had more than two hands so I could carry both at the same time. Sometimes I wish I could give my undivided attention to each one but I know I can't so I am trying to make sure I give them both tons of love, hugs and kisses. At times I feel bad that Jack gets all the attention from our family members and whenever we speak to any of them they always ask about Jack. I know it's just because he's mobile, old enough to respond and on Isaiah's side the first born grand child but I always worry that Kendric doesn't get enough attention. I was the middle child and always hated it. It felt like I was forgotten a lot. No literally, I was forgotten a lot. I can remember a handful of occasions where we would be at the chapel for mutual and I would walk around the chapel to look for my family and they would be gone. This was when we went to a Samoan ward so it wasn't close, it wasn't like I could just walk home. I'd usually bum a ride from someone's parents because when I would call to tell my family they left me, they would say it was my fault for not checking to make sure they didn't leave. My brother was the oldest and the only boy so he received special treatment. (I'm sure if you asked my parents they would say that he didn't, but he did!!) My baby sister Mariel was the youngest and so she was everyone's baby! Malesah did her own thing and I was the touchy sensitive one that felt like I didn't get enough attention. I hope when our boys grow up they don't feel like we favored one over the other. I hope they know that we love them so much. I think I just get sensitive when Kendric isn't mentioned because I don't want him to feel left out. I know when he gets a little bigger, a lot more responsive and mobile he'll make his presence known and will make every effort to keep up with his brothers. He is so alert and is so strong. At three months he holds his head up nicely, rolls himself to the side in an attempt to roll over, scoots himself off his pillow, tries to stand up when we hold him, pushes off my chest with his hands and even his feet, cries when I walk away from him but then smiles when I come right back, laughs out loud like he's five months old and smiles for days! I love it and I love being able to make memories with them. I can't believe how fast this month has come and gone. I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween and making special memories with your loved ones. We sure did! Have a super Saturday!!
 Me and Scooby Doo!!

Kendric, our little lion!
 He loves to bark and pant like a dog!
Kendric didn't really like the hood so we didn't keep it on that long.

 Jack enjoying his milkshake!
 All done!!
He's such a cutie!!


  1. What little cuties! I know what you mean about dividing attention between two little ones. It is such a struggle for me still. Hopefully we can find balance eventually!

  2. Love those baby cute I just want to kiss them!

  3. My gosh the boys are getting so big!! And I love your blog sis, I feel like you're back at home telling me what has been going on. Please send the fam my love. :) love you sooo much! ps your hair looks really cute!:)

  4. Cute little guys! You are a great mom, and I am sure your boys know how much you love them! Good job on the weight loss! I'm trying to do that too. :)

  5. I love you Talisha, and I love your mind. You've got such a gentle mind and caring heart. You've got such a BEAUTIFUL Family. Im jealous of Kendric's eyelashes. They're so luciously long! I can tell your an awesome mama. These boyz are blessed to have you as their mama! Love you T!

  6. October is my fave month too, there is just always so much to do! I cannot believe how fast it flew by!
    All 3 of your little guys are so dang cute! I love both Kendric & Jack's costumes - so adorable!

  7. Thanks everyone! You are all amazing!


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