Nov 18, 2011

Writing it down, Taking it all in

The other day Zeek and I were talking about how cute our boys are and that they're at the stage where we need to remember what they do, say and their funny and quirky habits. Zeek told me that he needs to remember what Jack does so I told him to make sure he writes it all down. It's always nice to remember as many things as you can about your kids growing up but the thing about that is, if it isn't written down regardless of how good your memory may be, you will forget. I know I have tons of memories that I cherish in my heart while Hola was a toddler but I kick myself for not writing most of those things down. Two days ago, Zeek emailed me while he was at school. The subject was titled: Our Boys. As I was reading, it made me smile. It's nice to reflect on what you remember but it is even better to get someone else's reflection and their perspective. I asked Zeek if I could post his email on our blog. I'm glad he said yes because I probably would have posted it anyway. haha just kidding, I really wouldn't.
Here is what his email said:
      Hola is growing fast. Although we don't see him as much as we want to, I am confident that he knows we are always mindful of him and thinking of him on a daily basis. He's always been an energetic kid. He's very athletic and active. He's aware and smart. His intelligence is far beyond the smarts of your average 8 year old. I remember the video I captured of him on my phone. We were driving home from church in Utah and he expressed how he felt about living with his dad, saying that he's unfair and he has his own heart and spirit. And that if he doesn't want to live with him, that he won't. It was fun spending time with him in the Summer. He loved to play baseball and football and basketball. He'd get mad when you were making your shots. lol.

Jack does so many funny things. He has his little laugh, his cheesy smile, and his funny dancing moves when he watches Gnomeo, Lion King, Cars and the other cartoons/shows on Disney. He loves sleeping in his little spot between the beds. Loves to slap us and pull our hair lol. He's starting to be more gentle with his brother, but is still sneaky at times with his sneaky laugh when he's up to no good lol. He enjoys crawling under the sink and destroying everything for fun. It crushes me when I leave, when he starts crying. Sometimes he'll wake up before us and sees us still sleeping and then puts himself back to sleep. Sometimes he'll hear something and immediately wake up, looking at me smiling and laughing like he's ready to start off his day. Then I'll have to leave and he cries. He has a temper. He's a good boy.

Kendric is active. Much more active at 3-4 months than Jack was at that age. He laughs and smiles when we play with him. He loves to be nosy and see what we're up to on the computer. Loves to watch TV. He'll cry when he's laying down or if he feels no one is around. He likes to sit up and be part of what's going on. He's growing fast and is a big boy. His mom has steroids in her milk. Lol. jk.

My wife is the best. I don't just say that, I MEAN IT. I hope I show her how much I love her. She's a great mother to our boys as well. She's my super woman. She does everything well. She cooks, cleans, takes care of 2 baby boys, usually always knows what's on my mind (when I'm happy, down, what I'm thinking, WHEN I'M HUNGRY lol.) She's the most beautiful woman in my eyes and her personality is awesome. She never judges me of my faults but always tries to make me become a better person through her example and actions. I love her always and forever.

I'm grateful to have a wonderful husband who enjoys and fulfills his most important calling in life; fatherhood. He takes in our boys' every moment and is so patient. He always reminds me to be calm and handle our boys with kindness and love. When I raise my voice he helps calm me and reminds me that our boys are precious gifts from God. He is an amazing husband and father. When he comes home from a busy day of school and football, he will gladly wash the dishes that I didn't get to without a complaint or is willing to bathe the boys to lighten my load. He makes parenting so much more enjoyable and a lot easier. Without him, I would go crazy! He is definitely my better half and I am grateful that he has given me such precious jewels. Our children make life worth living and as we hear these college kids in our hallways screaming, talking loud and partying hard, we laugh and think that we're the ones living the life! Our kids are our life and we are so blessed to have them. I miss my Hola like crazy and I try not to think about how far in distance we are but I am thankful that I get to talk to him and have been able to Skype him. He is growing so fast and I get a little sad that I am missing out on his parent teacher conferences, his activities and just his everyday life. I know he feels the same and is longing to see and play with his brothers. I know that the time will fly and we'll be together before we know it! I can't be mad at anything because my life is more fulfilling than I could ever imagine it to be. My husband and boys are amazing and they keep me going. This is our life lately, what has been going on in yours? Have a wonderful weekend!!

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