Feb 11, 2012

Have You Ever?

Have you ever had one of those days where anything would trigger you to go off? Where you want to kick and scream and throw a fit like you're a child? Where a little argument on any other day would seem so minuscule yet on a day where your nerves are wearing on you and your patience has run thin, it would seem like the world is coming to an end? Have you ever had a day where you lay in bed thinking of all the cons of life and not feeling like you can catch a break? Where you feel in your heart of hearts that you are so alone even when your husband is laying right next to you?
The other night I was having a pity party and felt like I was going to blow. I felt like the weight on my shoulders were endless and didn't know how to get out of my funk. As I lay in bed in fetal position, I couldn't stop thinking I had reached an all-time low, that there was no one who could understand my feelings and at that exact moment where I felt like I had no one to call on, I felt this overwhelming feeling of warmth and comfort. It was like a warm bubble covered me and almost as if someone was holding me. It was that moment where I felt God's love. I knew that no matter what I may be feeling, the Lord knows ME. Little old me! He loves me and knows what I am going through. That even in my times of darkness, I can feel His unconditional love. Even though I had a moment of weakness and felt sorry for myself, He placed His arms around me and confirmed in my heart that I am not alone. I know I am only human but it is so comforting to know that no matter what and no matter where I am, I will always have the Lord with me.
I subscribed to LDS Spiritual thoughts and every day I receive an email regarding an uplifting thought or quote. I woke up and checked my email and came across this:

In some ways our world today is similar to Kirtland of the 1830s. We too live in times of financial distress. There are those who persecute and rail against the Church and its members. Individual and collective trials may sometimes seem overwhelming.
That is when we need, more than ever, to draw near unto the Lord. As we do, we will come to know what it means to have the Lord draw near unto us. As we seek Him ever more diligently, we will surely find Him. We will see clearly that the Lord does not abandon His Church or His faithful Saints. Our eyes will be opened, and we will see Him open the windows of heaven and shower us with more of His light. We will find the spiritual strength to survive even during the darkest night. - Dieter F. Uchtdorf, “Hold On a Little Longer,” Liahona, January 2010
How amazing is it that day in and day out I am showered with tender mercies of the Lord? I need not stress over cares of the world or let the little things get to me. I need to realize that in continually trying to draw unto the Lord, I will feel His love and guidance. As I strive to gain a better relationship with Him, I will be able to know myself and know what He wants of me. That I may find my purpose in life.
I hope that you will always find ways to draw near unto the Lord and feel of His love. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


  1. You amaze me. Your honesty is so refreshing! I am so proud to know you. Hope you know that I care :)

  2. Thank you Kristy!! You are truly amazing, thanks for your sweet words!!

  3. And this is why I follow you...inspirational messages with the understanding that I am not alone when I too have my moments. You put things in to such great perspective.

  4. jessica.jorgensen07February 23, 2012 at 8:28 PM

    Wow, definitely needed this today! I was so excited to come back to California to see Tyler, but have really been missing my family and I felt like all the stress of real life came crashing down on me when I stepped off the plane. I do know I'm not alone, but sometimes I need that reminder. Thanks!


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