Feb 26, 2012

Oh My

My kids are growing just like any other child and it's kind of sad. I know it is inevitable that these wonderful babies of mine are going to grow into men but I can't handle the thought of that...just yet.
I love taking in all the wonderful things they learn each and every day. It has been a blessing to be able to be with my little ones and see the progression they make.
My Hola is smart and has passed his addition and subtraction phases so he's on to multiplication. I can't believe my baby is multiplying and adding and subtracting. He is so amazing and every time we talk on the phone he is always telling me how many days and weeks and months we have left until he's able to come visit. My emotions and feelings have been on a break lately because I don't really want to feel. If I did then I think I would curl up into a bawl, break down and cry for days and we just can't have that happen so I have been on auto pilot. I miss my Hola like crazy and know although he is well, I still wish he was with me. My faith has been tested and my testimony continues to grow. In my weakest moments I know that I can only become stronger.
I love that my beautiful boys are healthy and that is all I need to get me through the day.
Cullowhee is still slow but I'm learning to bask in the beauty that North Carolina has to offer. The amazing trees and the fact that the only snow I've seen has been a little sprinkle on my little trip to take out the trash. College kids are still crazy and loud on the weekends. The kids and I still stay indoors the majority of the time, there really isn't anywhere to go anyway. But I do savor my little trips to take out the trash, it's relaxing and although it only lasts a couple of minutes (our dumpster is a little farther than most apartments I've been to plus the three flights of stairs so it takes a little time to get there.) it definitely is a great little break to clear my head and just breathe!
Here are a few photos of the boys lately. I hope that you all have a wonderful week!!
{Sorry about the quality of the photos, they're from my phone.}

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