Mar 23, 2012

First Time

Yesterday was the first time Kendric went swimming. Jack's first time was just two days ago with Papa. We went to spend time with Isaiah's parents at the hotel they were staying at and we decided it'd be fun to take the boys swimming. Jack looked so cute in his little floaties while Kendric sat on the side with Papa and Nana and watched us splash around. Jack was a little scared until I told him to kick his feet and showed him that it was fun and not scary! Kendric was staring away from the side and you could tell that he really wanted to come in so Isaiah took Kendric's clothes off and brought him in. Kendric was splashing, kicking, laughing and screaming. It was so cute! I loved it. I can't wait for the summer so we can spend a lot of our days at the beach and in the pool and do all of this with Hola. This pasty mama needs a REAL tan and it seems as though I have some water babies on my hands!

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