Mar 28, 2012

Random Update

Our camera broke a couple months ago and we haven't gotten a new one yet so I've been settling with taking photos on my phone but the quality isn't the greatest. That's what I get for letting the boys play with the camera.
[[note to self:  don't buy nice things until the kids are old enough to know how to treat them!]] This is why I say that:
{Jack thinks it's a game to rip off the keys}

{Jack  threw my phone at our other laptop screen}
We call Jack our destroyer but Kendric is following in his footsteps. They love to touch things they're not supposed to and our two laptops look like they were thrown onto the highway and we just happened to pick up the remaining pieces. We still use our small laptop and luckily the bigger laptop we can hook up to our TV and use it that way. If I am really feeling like Mrs. Fix-It, I may attempt to put in a new screen but until then our broken screen will do.
As I mentioned before Nana and Papa came to visit and Jack spent the whole week with them. They got a hotel in hopes to give me a break and let Jack run wild with them. I'm still nursing Kendric so he stayed with me. During the day we would meet up or they would stop by the house but it was definitely nice to clean our apartment and not have it be trashed seconds later. It was a break I definitely needed so thanks mom and dad!!
{Every time they visit Jack won't let go of Papa}
This was when they got to North Carolina. Jack just woke up from his nap so I think he thought he was dreaming! He was so happy to see them and he would not let Papa out of his sight. I love the bond they have. It's pretty amazing.
{Jack never wants to sit still for a picture so this is as good as it gets!}
{Kendric on the other hand, loves it! He'll stare as long as you want him to!}
{This is K's signature pose. He'll crawl, slide and roll around and then stop for a pose!}
It's so fun to watch the boys play together. Jack has been so sweet to Kendric and loves to kiss and hug him. When he hears him crying, he'll run into the room to check on him.
Jack loves to be independent and loves to help me when I'm fixing things. He's very handy and is always looking at ways to take apart his toys. He refuses to say, "mom" and calls me babe. He calls Isaiah babe dad!
Kendric is a MAMA'S boy. When I leave the room he's fine until he sees me again and he'll start fake crying just so I can carry him. He loves to be held, LOVES to eat and loves to follow Jack around. Now that he is crawling he tries to go wherever Jack goes. It's so cute and I can't wait until the summer so Hola can play with them.

Here is a video of the two monkeys playing together! I love watching them, it is such a joy! I am so BLESSED!


I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!!


  1. Life with boys is crazy! Wonderful, but crazy. :) Somedays, I really wish my house would stay clean for longer than 2 minutes. Actually, that would be every day. :)  

    1. Oh my gosh that's exactly how I feel! I could clean our place ten times a day and you would never know if you just walked into our place unless they were asleep! They are such rascals but life would be so boring without them!

  2. Seriously!! haha I could clean so many times a day but if you were to walk in right now you would think a tornado hit our place! Boys are definitely crazy but life would be boring without them!!

  3. Seriously!! That would be great but it's a good lesson for me to stop fussing about the messes and enjoy them while it lasts. Once the boys get older I know I'm going to be sad that there's no one to clean up after. Life without our boys would be so boring!!

  4. jessica.jorgensen07March 28, 2012 at 5:09 PM

    Isn't it so much fun when they start interacting like that? I love now that my girls are actually playing and laughing together. It's so much fun to watch them.


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