Apr 5, 2012


As always I love watching General Conference. I love the words our prophets, seers and revelators speak of. The way that they are so in tune with the Spirit that the words they speak of pierce my heart and I know with a surety that the Lord knows what I need and knows how I will take these messages. As President Dieter F. Uchtdorf spoke to us about not judging, I knew that this was a definite weakness that I need to address. I am no better than anyone else so what makes me think that I can speak or think badly of others? I need to make sure that my thoughts are geared upward towards Heaven and that if I am thinking something mean even if it is true, I should remember what I heard this past weekend. The counsel for parents was definitely a great reminder and I am truly humbled and know that I have been spiritually fed and enriched by the wonderful messages we received. I also love that I can refer back to the general conferences and scriptures with my phone. I love technology for the simple fact that we have so many ways to stay in touch and in tune with the Spirit. My LDS app is the most frequently used application on my phone and it is great when I am able to pull it up at night and read the boys stories from The Friend.
I am also trying to make it a habit to spend less time on the internet and watching useless television and spend more time indulging in the words of Christ. I am reading the Book of Mormon and am trying to finish it in the next couple of weeks. I am in the book of Alma and his words are compelling. After I finish, I am going to read it again but this time I will read it along with the Samoan version. My husband has challenged me to learn the language. He speaks Samoan fluently because he served in the Auckland, New Zealand mission. He says that reading the Book of Mormon in Samoan along with the English version is powerful. He says I'll be able to catch on to the language quickly if I do this. My brother can also attest to this because he said he did the same thing when he served in Hawaii but with the Marshallese version. Our dad is from the Marshall Islands and we can't speak or understand the language. He served in a lot of Marshallese branches which fueled his desire to learn the language. While on his mission he made it a point to learn and is now fluent in Marshallese. (I can't forget to mention the hard work they put in by saying any and every word that came to mind and practicing with those around.) My brother told me it is by the power of the Holy Ghost that we can accomplish these things and we'll feel even more of the truthfulness of the scriptures. I hope to conquer this goal and with the help of my husband I will be a whole lot better in speaking my native tongue!!
Here's to General Conference, feasting on the words of Christ and learning new things. I hope you all have an amazing Easter weekend!

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