Sep 19, 2012

Family Photos 2012

Things have been pretty hectic here at the Reupena Household. We have had a busy summer and are looking at an even busier fall. I can feel that it's fall, most likely because of the endless football games that are on TV and the constant ESPN when I walk in the door. The weather however has not carried over just yet. It has been ridiculously hot and I can't wait for the crisp air to set in.
We have moved from our old house into another one a few blocks away. Isaiah's parents have been in that house for thirty one years and they thought it might be time for a change.
We are all settled in and finally got our internet set up so I'll be updating our little blog on a regular basis from now on.
This summer was a blast. It is always great to have our Hola spend the summer with us. We had lots of fun and it was so great to see all of my boys bond. They were so cute and loved following Hola around. Now that Hola is back in Utah, Jack and Kendric walk around calling out Hola's name. It's cute but at the same time it makes me a little sad.
We were able to get family photos done by Jayeb Photography. This was our first family photo shoot and we couldn't be happier with the results.
Young Women is going well. I love the girls so much and they bring out the kid in me. I enjoy seeing the girls open up. They truly are amazing and beautiful girls. It makes up for not having a daughter of my own. I get to hear what's happening in their lives and I love to hear their testimonies. It helps nurture my own. I love the women I serve with, I feel super blessed to be surrounded by such strong women.
My boys are growing way too fast. They all LOVE to sing and they can all carry a tune. They definitely didn't get that from me! Kendric is FINALLY walking and he loves to show off now. His dance moves are awesome. Jack's words are becoming more clear as the days go by. He's so polite and thanks me for every little thing. It makes my heart melt and once again I am reminded of the wonderful blessings I have.
I miss my Hola and my siblings so so much. It makes my heart ache a little but such is life. Although life may not be fair at times I will always and forever be grateful for my trials and tribulations. The separation I feel from them now will never make me question God's plan and what he has in store for me. A big plus is that we're not as far away from them as we were in North Carolina. I do think that it may be time to take a little trip to see them soon. Other than that, all is well.
Here are some family photos so enjoy and until next time. I promise there will be a next time really soon!!

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Love, love, LOVE the family pics! Your boys are so handsome! We're ready for fall to come too :)


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