Dec 10, 2012

Kids say the darndest things!!

Yesterday we had asked Jack to say the prayer. He was so cute as he bowed his head, closed one eye and said,
          "Father in Heaven, bless Papa, Hola brudder, my chicken, my fries, my chocolate milk, Jack, Dede, Sis. Benner, Brooklyn, Sadie (girls he plays with at nursery) Papa, Jack Nana, Mom, Dad, everyone, amen."

I wanted to laugh because his little voice is just so cute. In just weeks, his words are clear and we have full on conversations with him. I love it.
Kendric picks up so much from him and learns so quickly thanks to Jack. I love that they are so close and that no matter what, they are always thinking of their older brother.
It is so much fun to watch them develop as the days and weeks go on but it's also super sad because my babies are growing up.

I'm grateful that they are mine and that I get to come home to such amazing boys each and every day!!

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