Jan 10, 2013

Honeymoon Phase...

The honey moon phase!!
Aah, that phase; the wedded bliss you think you'll always have.
But as we approach our third year of marriage, I realize things start to get real and the sugar coating starts to fade.
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my husband with all my heart but this year was a rough year.
To be quite honest, in the last three years we have been through a lot. Each year has brought us closer together and has helped us become more selfless. We are more willing to continue to serve and show endless acts of kindness.
In three years, we've lived in three different states and have had two children to add to our many blessings yet still feel a void with Khayleb living away from us.
We had our ups and downs and we've learned to try to compromise with even the simplest things. Marriage is hard work and it takes so much effort and constant forgiveness to make it last.
I'm no expert but I'm willing to learn and improve.
I've learned to swallow my pride and forgive even if I think I'm right.
I've learned to let go of my stubborn ways and will still be learning ten, fifteen even twenty years from now.
I've learned to never degrade my husband or run to a sibling or friend to talk about our issues and concerns.
I've learned to pick my battles and I'm trying not to nag and nit pick every small detail because let's face it, we're human. He's going to make mistakes just as I am.
I've learned that husbands can't read minds and if I don't say how I feel, he will never know.
I've learned that regardless of my imperfections he is there willing to see past my faults and loves me no matter what.
I've learned that I am truly a brat and on occasion need an attitude adjustment.
I've learned that without inviting the Spirit and the Lord in the relationship that it is much MUCH harder to manage. In this instance, three is not a crowd.
I've learned that I need to support decisions made by our patriarch and head of our home.
I've learned that "sorry" and "I love you" are very important words and will NEVER be played out. I've learned that respect should be given as well as received.
I've learned that giving up is the easiest route and will never be the route I want to take and although marriage isn't always rainbows and butterflies, I would have a huge void in my life if I didn't have him, my eternal companion and best friend.
I've learned that as we start to get real and say what's on our minds that no matter what, we'll always work things out.
I've learned that regardless of how irritated or annoyed I can get, I will watch my words because they really do hurt.
I've learned that he is willing to go to the moon and back for me. He is willing to fight my battles if I ask and will always have my back.
I've learned that he has nothing but the best intentions for our little family.
I've learned that the good always outweighs the bad and no matter what may come our way, we will push through it.
I've learned that he really really loves me and that I can feel it in his eyes, his words and his deeds. I've learned that he is my rock and constant support even when the world isn't accepting of me.
I've learned that no matter what I do or how much I push him to the edge, he still thinks the world of me.
I've learned that as each year passes I love him more and more each day.
I've learned that I truly did pick a winner and he is worth more than diamonds or gold.
I've learned that if I had to, I would give him a rib, an arm, a kidney, my heart, my soul. I would give him anything I have to give.
I've learned to push myself to limits I never knew existed within me because of him. He motivates me and makes me want to be better.
I've learned that he is my better half and with him around, it makes for a better day. He turns my frowns upside down and makes me happy in every aspect of the word.

I hope I can always show him how much I appreciate, love and adore him.

Here's to eternity babe! Thanks for all you do for me and our family. I love you more than words. Thanks for choosing me to be your wife!


  1. Sooo I'll just cry a river on this side of the world u really have a way with words..love u both..xx

    1. Thank you Monz! Love and miss you like crazy!

  2. aww T! i knw how u feel, kasey and i are not married yet (legally) lol but i know where you're coming from. it is hard and takes alot of time! after being together for 4 years we're just barely starting to learn to adapt to eachother. it's difficult but as you said, they are very much worth it. it's a phase we all go through, it happens. its natural and i know both of you will get through anything. you have a beautiful family and thank you for my beautiful nephews! i love you both!! xoxo


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