Feb 6, 2013

Anniversary Gift

We just celebrated our three year anniversary on January 23rd. It was a good week. We had a pre-anniversary dinner with the boys and were able to spend the day together.
It feels like a lot longer than three years considering the things we've accomplished and the things we've been through. Then again once you're with the love of your life, you forget how or when you ever survived without them. My sweet husband gave me the best gift ever!! He always promised me that he'd get me a ring that I deserved. We had a small intimate wedding and the little details I wasn't able to really plan. I know a ring is just a ring and very materialistic but it symbolizes our union so I thought it was great he was able to give me such a precious gift!! I know I will treasure it forever!!

He is too sweet and I always overlook the small and cute things he does for me. He puts a lot of thought into his gifts. I tend to think he's not romantic because he doesn't do the rose pedals and candle lit dinners but a great friend reminded me that I need to put on my other looking glasses and see that he's romantic in other forms. He's romantic in a sense that when he's gone no matter how late it is, he'll pick up an extra meal just for me. He's romantic in a sense that he'll clean our room and do the laundry so I don't have to. He's romantic in a sense that he'll send me uplifting and sweet text messages. He's romantic in wanting to protect me in everything I do, even if to me I take it as being too overprotective. He's romantic in so many other ways that in retrospect, I don't need the roses because they wither and the candle lights go out but his small and amazing acts of kindess and love doesn't. Do I have a hopeless romantic? My immediate response would be no but really I do. He's romantic far beyond than what I give him credit for and I am a little embarrassed it took someone else to tell me. I am truly grateful and often wonder how I got so lucky. I often wonder how he puts up with me but I'm grateful for his patience and his unconditional love. How did I ever deserve such a wonderful man?! Either way, I'll take it. I wouldn't trade him for anything in this world. I have a pot of gold and am very blessed to have him as my husband. So grateful and blessed that he is my eternal companion and that we have FOREVER to look forward to.

Here's to many more anniversaries to come.
 I love you babe! Thank you for all you do for me and our boys. We are so blessed to have you in our lives.


  1. jessica.jorgensen07February 6, 2013 at 2:31 PM

    Happy Anniversary! I've had the same epiphany lately so I can totally relate. Sometimes it's helpful to put ourselves in their shoes and see how many ways they express their love to us in little ways. Thanks for sharing.

  2. WAy to go Hubba Hubba Chunk of Lovin!


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