Feb 27, 2013

Great Finds!!

Lately I've been wanting to do more.
More in terms of my career path, finding talents, being a better mother, friend, sister and more blogging.
I used my best friend GOOGLE and found ways to bring my blog more traffic. I even went as far as to making a Facebook page and within a day I've gotten 99 likes.
Not too shabby I must say.
I went on a few popular blogs I follow and learned about more ways they were able to go from just having a blog for family updates to the blogging specialist and guru they are now.
Obviously it's not going to happen overnight.
Why do I think my blog is interesting?
I don't think it's better than anyone else's but I post in hopes to relate to those around me.
I blog because I think everyone has a story and should be heard.
In a world full of technology, how could you not want to blog about your life and what's happening in your neck of the woods?
To let others find you and relate to you.
As I was stumbling upon random people's blogs, I found two that I have come to love.
Yes LOVE within just a few days.
These ladies make me laugh within the first few minutes. If they can do that, of course, they're keepers!
I can feel their emotion in their words and most importantly I can RELATE!
Check them out.



One day I'll learn how to apply these buttons but until then just click on their names. They're just a hop, skip and jump away!!


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