Feb 8, 2013

New Beginnings 2013

New Beginnings was this past Sunday. Yes on Super Bowl Sunday and YES we were able to peel some of the Priesthood holders away from the game!!
I think it was a success but I am so glad it is over!!
The young women in our ward are amazing and I just love them to pieces!!
Our YW President asked me to take this project on a while ago when we had a Presidency meeting. I was really nervous especially because I am craft challenged. It was my baby for the last couple months. I searched things on the internet and I just felt so overwhelmed.
It made me feel inadequate because these women that post all of their ideas for New Beginnings are craft geniuses, they're very artistic and creative. For a whole week I sulked like a big baby because I wasn't sure how I was going to be able to do this. I am not crafty whatsoever and I can't come up with really neat and clever ideas. I only come up with clever come backs!!
Instead of doing a skit, I thought it be nice to have value tables explaining to the upcoming Beehives what each value represents. After all, that is what New Beginnings is about.
I wanted the girls to present to our upcoming Beehives and kind of give them a taste of what Personal Progress would be like and to show them the fun and exciting things each girl was working on or finished.
Can I just tell you how much I love the Presidency I serve with. They always come through and go above and beyond. I never once felt alone or like I didn't have any help with NB and I am just absolutely blessed to be around such strong women.
One of our MiaMaids, Kassandra was my go-to girl! She is working on getting her medallion this year so she was in need of hours for her project. She got a lot of the little details done and helped me out tremendously.

We set the programs out by the Relief Society room. We had programs and folders that included this month's calendar, upcoming events, a directory, girls camp and other information we wanted parents to know.

We started our program in the Relief Society room. Because the theme is "Stand Ye in Holy Places" we made a trail of footprints going towards the gym. We took a little journey to the gym just because I could only think of "Standing", "walking", and "footprints" when I was brainstorming ideas for New Beginnings.

Once we entered the gym we had the girls' tables set up and I think they turned out amazing!! Our girls went above and beyond and I am just so proud of them!!

Jazmin was in charge of Faith

Carrie had Divine Nature

Amy, our most recent Beehive had Individual Worth.

Kassandra had Knowledge

We just merged our Vietnamese 12th branch youth together with Garden Grove 1st ward. We got new girls because of it and I am so glad. They are too cute!! Jenny and Bi had Choice and Accountability.

Tamara had Good Works

Isabel had Integrity
I wish I would have taken photos of the girls by their table but I didn't. :(

And I had Virtue. Yes, that's right. ME! lol I was never able to finish Personal Progress as a youth. I remember having great leaders but I had a lot going on in my life as an adolescent that I distanced myself a lot from the Young Womens Program.

I am grateful that I have a second chance to help enrich the girls' lives and help them strengthen their testimony. To help them prepare to stand firm in everything they do and to find a worthy Priesthood holder that can take them to the Temple. To help them realize how important these values are and how much they will help them in every aspect of their life.
It's awesome that I am able to get a second chance in receiving my YW medallion and will work towards that with excitement and joy!!

I didn't bring my camera so I had to use my phone but I would've been sad if I didn't take any pictures so sorry about the quality of the photos.

This painting was done by one of the ladies in our Stake, Sis. Hickins. It is absolutely beautiful and has been making its way around our stake. We have been putting it to good use for sure!!

 On the left is our YW President Tanya (Sis. Smith) and on the right our Secretary Anne (Sis. Nielsen)

This is Nicole. She is our upcoming Beehive and will turn 12 in March. I LOVE this girl!!

And here are our goofy leaders again!! Seriously I love them.

Once we finished our little journey through the gym we came back to the Relief Society. The girls sang, "I Walk By Faith, " there was a musical number titled, "Shoes" by three of our girls and a poem read about Standing in Holy Places.

We had light refreshments. Cookies in the shape of a high heel and cupcakes.
The night turned out amazing and I am so thankful to be able to serve in our ward. The girls are beautiful. I love getting to know them. They are so sweet and funny. Some of them should be in charge of me because I really do act like a little girl!!
Since I only have boys it's a nice change to hang out with them!

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