Feb 25, 2013

Photo Bomb!!

Who doesn't like a a post full of pictures?!

Especially when they are of cute little monsters!!

{Yes, we wake up and take photos homeless and all!!}

{These two are so crazy yet in pictures they look so innocent!! Remember looks ARE deceiving!}

{Daddy had a performance @ Jaspers in Santa Ana on Saturday so I stayed and hung out with my babies!!}

{They like to fight over me!! Or at least I like to think that!!}

{I love that Jack's face is squished into mine!!}

{These monsters ran away from me and I found them in the corner...where they belong!!}

{Yep, he hit his head! I promise I didn't do it!}

{This cute little boy always falls asleep in the craziest positions.}

{He has chex mix in his mouth and got mad that I took his food out of his mouth while sleeping.}

Today is definitely a MONDAY but nevertheless I hope it's a great one!!

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