Feb 28, 2013

Throwback Thursday

This throwback Thursday is dedicated to my beautiful babies.
I am also going to make it my very first Favorite Things! I'm linking up with an awesome lady, see below for details!

I was looking at my kids' photos and seeing how much they have grown makes me a little sad but so happy that they are healthy, happy and oh so loved!! And yes I sure do love my boys!! I still can't believe Khayleb will be 10 this year. 

{Khayleb meets the clippers! 17 months}

{I'm not a fan of duck lips but he pulls it off really well. Khay, 3 yrs old}

{Khayleb, 6 and Koa}

{Khayleb, 6 and Pimp Juice}

{Jack just 3 days old}

{Jack 4 months}

{Jack 16 months while we were living in North Carolina}

{Kendric just minutes after he was born}

{Kendric 3 weeks old}

{Kenny 3 months old when we lived in North Carolina}

{Christmas 2012 Khayleb 9, Jack 2, Kendric 1}
Time flies so I hope you all take advantage of the small and simple things.
I hope you stop to smell the roses and realize life is SWEET! 
Things are what you make of it.
Although we can't control the curve balls that life throws at us, we can control our attitude and how we look at things. You can look at things either half full or half empty...your call!
Have a happy and positive Thursday. 
If you're feeling low, think of 5 things you've been blessed with.
I can think of a million but for now, I'll just show you 3!

I'm also linking up with

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This Throwback Thursday is also a part of my favorite things.


  1. So true...life is all about your attitude.

    He really does pull off the duck face look well. so cute!!

    I love looking at all these sweet baby pictures.

    1. Thank you so much! I totally LOVED your sweet baby's toes while reading his book!! I love the little details.

  2. Your kids are so cute. It's hard to believe they were ever that little, huh? Thanks for the positive thoughts and encouragement. Thinking of my many blessings, especially the 3 I call daughter, always helps my mood.
    Happy March!

    Ashley Rane Sparks

  3. T I love you and miss you and Dougie Fresh does too! Your blog is so cute! I just wish I could see you in person to tell you! :)

    1. Thank you LPD...or shall I say LPW now! I miss you guys and hope all is well and that married life is treating you both well. We need to plan a meet up! :)


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