Mar 5, 2013


There must be something with the name Bonnie that holds a special place for me! Today I want to talk about two Bonnie's.
I started working for a credit union here in California in October. I started as a temp-to-hire through a credit union temp agency.
Wait, let me rephrase that, I still am a temp but I've spoken to my boss and he says I will become permanent in a week or so once my contract is up with the temp agency. I am excited! Super excited! That means benefits and that is what I need!
I've felt so at home and comfortable with this new position.
I really have been blessed with this job especially because it didn't take me long to find employment.
I work as a member specialist/loan officer in a one-man branch located in a hospital. Phew! That was a lot in one breath!
Our eligibility for membership is hospital based so people that work within our Selected Employment Groups are eligible to become members.
Anyway long story short I share an office with the hospital cashier. Boy, oh boy did I hit the jackpot when it came to office mates/kind-of-co-workers. (we're technically not co-workers nor do we work for the same company. It's almost like a US Bank in a grocery store type of thing.)
She is the sweetest person alive. And get this...she was talking to my assistant manager about her grand-kids and when she mentioned their names my chin dropped.
I asked her to repeat her grandchildren's names so she did! You won't believe it but her grand-kids names' are:
Kayla, Jack, Kendrik and Sam

My kids' names are:
Khayleb, Jack and Kendric

Coincidence? I think not!
I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason. There is a purpose in all things and I know God lead me to where I am now for a reason. Since I've started working in this office, Bonnie and I have hit it off.
We get along so well and it makes my days more enjoyable and doesn't make it feel like actual work. There's nothing better than being excited to go to work.

The next Bonnie I want to talk about I have never officially met.
I came across her blog through this awesome girl.
When I went onto her blog, I loved it. I was intrigued and her words captured me. I was totally drawn in. She posted something so moving about her dad here and here. There was so much emotion and I felt the pain in her words. She has a way with words that really draws the reader in. The icing on the cake is that she is really funny. When she guest posted for Alycia, I enjoyed it. She made me laugh and even through her words, she is witty and clever!
I was interested in sponsoring her blog so I emailed her. I loved that she emailed me back in a timely manner and was great in answering my dumb not-so-smart questions!
She is awesome! I have enjoyed reading her posts. If you happen to have time, read the post of how she met her husband Part One and Part Two
Who doesn't like stories of how people meet the LOVE of their life?!
I know I do.
Thanks Bonnie for letting be a part of your blog sponsor and I can't wait to stay updated on the latest.


  1. Things really do happen for a reason...totally believe that!


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