Mar 1, 2013

Family Friday...

I'm in a linking up kind of mood today. Plus it's Friday and I am so excited for the weekend.

This link up is all about FAMILY!!
I am all about my family.
This week I made an effort to come home and spend more time with my babies. We played outside and they had a blast.
{Kendric, my little athlete.}

{Jack reluctantly posing for me}

{Kendric wanted to play catch}

{Climbing in to jump with mommy}

{He didn't like my jumping skills}

{What's up with my fingers? Jack thinks I'm funny...sometimes!}

I'm linking up with two lovely ladies. Check it out!

Family Fridays


  1. Your children are beautiful! Thanks for linking up.

    1. Thank you!! I love your idea of Family Friday! There's nothing better than family oh yes, and FRIDAY!! :)


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