Mar 15, 2013

Family Fridays

Family Fridays
Linking up with AmyKelsey and Mandy. Head on over to read about their family fridays and meet new bloggers!

This week my mom and sister Mariel came to sunny California.
{Me and my Mommy! We haven't always gotten along and I wasn't the greatest daughter but I love her and am thankful for her.}
{Wrestling with Aunty Mariel. She goes to college in Texas and we're so glad she wanted to spend her Spring Break with us!}

{After their baths, we went for a walk}

{Kendric going to town on those cookies!}

{The boys had a blast. They loved the hotel and jumping around on the beds}

{Modeling their goodies because Jack is so good at it!}
It was great having them here but the time went by so quickly. It always happens like that huh?
Hope you all enjoy your weekend. I know I will, Lovey has back to back to back shows. He's working hard and I appreciate him. His hard work is paying off and I have faith and trust in him that he will no doubt reach his dreams.

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