Mar 16, 2013

I'm blessed and so are you!

I'm laying in bed.
Kids are sleeping and Lovey is at another show.
Silence. I love silence!
After being a mother for 9 1/2 years, silence doesn't come as often as I'd like.
It's great! It gives me time to unwind and gather my thoughts.
I love being able to catch up on some reading, watch something other than Nickelodeon or Disney.
My kids are my greatest joy and am so blessed to have them but there are times when mommy alone time or quiet time is much needed.
It's times like these where I can sit back and count my many blessings.
As I watch them sleep peacefully, it makes me want to slow time down.
It makes me want to capture every second of every day just in case I miss something.
As I see their chest raise up and down from their steady breathing, I can't help but wonder how in the world did I get so lucky?!
How did these little angels get sent to me?
I'm grateful that the Lord has trust in me, that He would send these choice spirits and allow me to raise them.
I think of the love I have for my children and then I think of the love God has for us. Mine doesn't even compare.
I sometimes worry that I am not doing a good job but then I am humbled. I know that I am doing the best that I can. I know that with His guidance and my faith, I will be fine.
My children will be great men one day. I know that they will be because of the man I married.
They have such a great role model and hero in their father that I have no doubts they will be amazing.
Isn't it funny that we constantly pick out our shortcomings and don't praise ourselves for the great things we've accomplished?
I do it too often and should really cut myself some slack.
I hope you do too and realize that you are wonderful. If you don't notice or see it, then who will?
We must show confidence and strength because our children feed off of that.
You want them to be great? Then be great yourself.
You want them to achieve their goals? Then achieve yours as well.
You want them to be educated? Then educate yourself.
We must set the path for them. If we want them to reach for the stars then we must also.
I hope you make it a great day today!

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