Mar 27, 2013

Life Without Social Media

I'm sure many of you have friends that like to complain about everything!! 
I'm sure if you have any kind of social media account, you'll see that some people are NOT shy in voicing their opinion even if it makes them look like an idiot.
I'm sure you have the occasional bragger and talk about how amazing they are and post a gazillion photos of themselves, then you have the deceivers that take photos from certain angles to make themselves look smaller and possibly better than they really are, ( please don't do that, we want to see and know the real you!) then you have the ones who have to tell you what they're doing every second of their day. You know the ones that look like this:

"posted at home eating a sandwich." OR
"just woke up and ready to eat some cereal" OR
"getting my Madden on"

THEN you have the ones that take it to another level and curse out family members or argue via Facebook and Twitter.

THEN you have the status updates that you read and wonder, "is this fool talking about me?" Then I think, "oh please, you're not that important!" and I'm often left trying to humble myself because not everything is about me.

Seems so silly but look how much drama can be stirred up with just words and comments.

It's funny and yet it's not!
I wonder what our society would do if we didn't have Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Pinterest?
I wonder if people would be able to make small talk?
I wonder if people would be less awkward in a REAL social setting?
I wonder if I would be as weird as I am about making a phone call because I'm so used to text messages?
When I'm angry, I usually find myself backspacing a lot because to be quite honest, I don't need to be "that girl."
I, just like most people, have imperfections and have a slight addiction to social media.
But I do hope we're taking the time out of our day to have an actual conversation.
To see real people and to show our gratitude instead of our attitude!
To think twice about posting your business or anger on social media.
I hope we're looking towards the good and letting go of the unnecessary drama, added weight or stresses in life that we often hold on to.
Hope you all have a happy hump day.


  1. Hi Talisha! I just wanted to say I'm so excited to have you on my sidebar this month! Big things are coming up and it's going to be great! (and I agree about social media. I mean, we survived and were happy for centuries before. Do we really need it?)


    1. So true but I must admit I'm kind of addicted to it all. Sometimes I just think it's silly that I'm so attached. I'm excited to be sponsoring such a great blog as yours. It's a great feeling finding good ones and I'm so glad I found yours! :)



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