Mar 7, 2013

Sibling Love

Last night as I was driving home from mutual, I had this undeniable, unspeakable feeling of loneliness.
You know the kind that just creeps up on you and hits you like a ton of bricks?
You know what it was?
I super miss my siblings!
Now that I am older, I realize the remarkable bond I have with my siblings and how much I have missed living with them under one roof. The crazy things we used to do and say. The fighting, the crying, the support.
Don't get me wrong, I love my life.
I love being married and having kids but I always get that aching feeling of nostalgia thinking back to when we used to break things and try to hide it from our parents.
Or when my brother, Tory and younger sister, Malesah would tease me and call me "onion" because I was such a crybaby.
Or the one time that we played Ninja Turtles and I was April, the helpless victim.
When they tied me up and left me only to play something else and forget I was there.
The time when my baby sister was born. I was so happy to have a partner in crime to help me tease our other siblings only to find out she was just as sensitive as I was...FAIL!
When we would put on big t-shirts and sit over the heater vents during winter to warm ourselves up.
When our parents were going through their divorce, we didn't have to say anything to understand that we were all going through the same thing and feeling the same pain.
We didn't have to explain ourselves and feelings to each other.
When my brother went to junior high, he let my sisters and me hang out in his room while he and Malesah would tell lame jokes.
When Malesah made a huge snowball as I taunted and teased her from inside, making faces at her, repeating, "you can't get me!" Only to see this huge snowball coming at me through the window, shattering the glass. We tried to hide it from my dad for a full day until he went downstairs to feel the cool winter breeze from outside. Our bums were sore for days! lol
When Tory wrapped duct tape around a tennis ball so we could play baseball in the backyard. And as he pitched the ball to our awkward, not so athletic sissy Malesah it hit her in the mouth. Her mouth started bleeding. It was swollen and purple. We told her not to tell on us and like a G, she agreed! haha What were we thinking? Her lip was fat and purple.
As I laid in bed last night I laughed at all the things we did and at all the memories I hold dear. I realize that even though I miss them terribly, we gain so much more as we get older. Our family is expanding.
I've gained an amazing husband, a wonderful and beautiful sister in-law (I need nieces and nephews STAT!) and beautiful children.
Life goes on whether you're ready to accept it or not.
My family may be a little odd, crazy, a little  messed up but I love them and will go to war for them. I miss them dearly and hope they know how much I love them all!
{Brother Tory, Me, Malesah (weird spelling but it's pronounced Melissa)}

{Tory and Lessa}

{I'm a tree hugger}

{Lessa, our fashionista}

{Mariel, the baby of the family}


{Reunited with bro after two years!}

{Tory's wedding}

I'm sure you all have funny sibling stories of when you were growing up. I'd love the hear them!

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  1. What a beautiful family!

    Stopping by from Family Fridays =)

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy your weekend as well!

  2. Replies
    1. Always a pleasure! This is becoming my favorite link up! :)


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