Mar 25, 2013

Weekend Part One

On Friday my husband had a show in Pasadena. 
He opened up for Rappin 4 Tay. 
I announced it here. 
Clyde Carson was supposed to perform as well but he cancelled. 
I think this show was by far his best one. 
KC, his cousin's husband flew in from Utah to perform with him. 
I've written about him here and here. 
He's pretty awesome! 
Check him out.
Anyway, before my husband went on stage, I spotted Rappin 4 Tay in the back. 
He was taking photos with fans and signing autographs. 
I went and asked for a picture. 
I love when famous people are so down to earth. 
He was so cool. He signed my cd for me and I told him my husband was going on stage as we spoke. 
He was nice enough to write down his email and told me to have my husband email him so they can network together.
During my Lovey's performance, his aunt came up to the front where I was and asked which one my husband was. I pointed at him and she looked at me approvingly and said, "He is good girl, real good." She then said, "Did 4 Tay give you his email address?" I told her that he did and she told me that I need to email him and that my husband is really talented. 
They were so nice the whole night. 
I enjoyed 4 Tay's performance as well. Like I said, I used to listen to his stuff when I was younger.

Rappin 4 Tay has been in the game since the 80's.

My favorite part of the shows are being able to find ways to network and talk to people. 
It's so much fun.
I used to be freakishly shy and I've learned to come out of my shell and open my mouth. 
I see no point in being that shy. 
Being able to do business with my love and learn new things along the way is so awesome!
I am in no way musically inclined but learning the ins and outs of what goes on behind the scenes is pretty cool. I have a new found respect for music artists, actors and anyone in the entertainment industry. 
It's A LOT of work. 
We haven't even touched the surface but it's been great to see my husband is doing what he loves. 
I have faith in him and know that he will go far.
I'm really proud of him. 
It's great watching him perform on stage. 
I love it. I love his passion. I love his dedication.

It's just like when I used to get excited to watch him on the football field.
It really is the same type of grind. 
Sports and music. 
His efforts are the same at whatever he does. 
He's relentless.
I can't explain to you how much I love this man. 
He is amazing! 
Love you babe!!

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