Mar 4, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a lot of fun.
It was a very busy weekend as well.
Friday night we met up with Isaiah's cousin Anthea and her beautiful little family visiting from Utah.
**A little history behind our story. Anthea's sister Jennifer is my best friend from 1st grade. We used to live around the corner from each other growing up. Anthea and Jenn are like my sisters and we are super close. Fast forward 21 years later and I married their 1st cousin. (Anthea's dad and Isaiah's mom are siblings)
Did I confuse you enough? It's ok, we can blame it on Monday!**
{Waiting for our table}

{Jack, Aariyah, Kendric}

I woke up on Saturday morning and had to wait for my sleepy heads to wake up. Don't mind my morning looks, I just had to document. When Jack woke up he was so excited that I was there. He kept saying, "Mommy's here! Mommy's here!"
I loved it, they really know how to melt my heart!
{I work all week so Jack was so excited to wake up and see me at home}

{Kisses for my sweet boy Jack}
Saturday night, Lovey has a show. I was ready to cheer him on because I sure am his biggest fan/groupie/manager/all of the above!
{Lovey's biggest fan}
My cousin from Fontana came out to support as well. I sure do appreciate her as well as everyone else that made it out to Pasadena.
{My lovely cousin Nerissa}

{Supporting my husband}

{Waiting for Lovey to perform}
Every show we go to, I make sure we get a photo together. Just to document and eventually I'll post about all of his shows he's had. I really love him and am grateful for all he does. He's a great performer and upcoming hip-hop artist. His stage presence is great and there are real groupies wanting him! lol It comes with the territory and I trust him but I will put someone (meaning ratchets & groupies) in their place if they step out of line! haha I joke but I'm really not kidding! All of you married women know what I'm talking about! :)
{I love him, I'm a proud wife!}

{Me and my long lost sister Anthea}
Sunday night after church we just lounged pretty much all day. I tried to get a picture of the boys together but that's a fail every time.

{They're natural models}

{If Yoohoo and Pop-Secret needs advertisers and models, hit me up!}

{Kendric eating his popcorn all to himself}

We had a great weekend and I love this photo. I decided that Lovey and I needed a photo and when I saw the end result I couldn't help but laugh at my little photo bomber! I love my boys!
{I spy with my little eye}

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are ready for this week!
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  1. Your family is so cute!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I love the photo bomb of the little boys!

    Ashley Rane Sparks

    1. Oh it was my pleasure! I enjoy reading your blog. Glad I found it!


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