Mar 11, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans!

This weekend was a good one. Saturday morning like always I waited for the boys to wake up. When they woke up we laid around and watched cartoons. It was awesome! I don't get a lot of time to lounge during the week and it felt really nice to get some rest.
{They're still cute with their morning looks!}
{Kendric always sleep with his football}

We went to a birthday party Saturday afternoon. My kids always get grumpy before birthday parties but I think it's just because the parties start around their nap time. It's always quite fun to have a 1 and 2 year old throw crazy fits in front of people you don't know. (inserting sarcasm here!)

{He was so excited as he went down the slide. He yelled, "I DID IT!" It was too cute!}

{Jack got his face painted and went into character}

{Kendric again with his football!}

{Jack being a rascal on the playground}

{Birthday party was a success. I love when they tire themselves out!}
Isaiah's brother and sister came into town from Utah this weekend. The boys were so excited to see Aunty Stephy and Uncle Jordan. 
Sunday we went to church and Kendric threw the nastiest fit known to mankind so Isaiah took him home. I went into the overflow where it was empty and dark and I put myself in a timeout. I just had to. I would've gone nuts if I didn't. For a full 30 minutes I sat in the quiet, dark overflow of our chapel. Taking deep, deep breaths, squeezing my temples and just like that I was brand new again. It was great!
I recommend every mother put themselves in a timeout once in a while.
After church we hung out and played some more.
Overall it was a good weekend. I love spending time with my little ones.
They really make life so meaningful.
As crazy and chaotic as things may get, I wouldn't change it for the world.
Happy Monday everyone. I hope you're adjusting well to the time change because I am not! :)

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