Mar 28, 2013

My Take on This Thing Called Marriage

I read this article yesterday and it made me think about my marriage.
If you're married you should read it.
I'm sure you'll relate to it as well.
It made me feel completely and utterly overwhelmed with gratitude.
It made me smile that I found someone who is willing to test me and push me to my limits. Yet at the same time, someone who is willing to see me for who I really am and love me unconditionally.
I'll be completely honest, it is TOUGH work.
I've never had to work so hard for something in my life. Mind you, it has only been three years but each year brings different trials and challenges. The great thing about marriage is that we always get through it.
It is hard but so rewarding.
I am learning everyday that not everything is about me.
I am learning that I need to be more selfless and ask myself what I can do for my husband.
I'm often guilty in telling him he needs to spend more time with me and our kids. That he needs to do this and he needs to do that. I can only imagine my poor husband wanting to strangle me most days. But I'm grateful God has blessed me with a patient man.
In thinking about all these requests that I have for my husband, I stopped and thought to myself, "Fool, what are you doing to meet these goals you two have set? What are you doing to set aside time for each other and the family? What are you doing that you can't initiate these things you ask of your husband?"
Wow! I know I'm harsh on myself but that day was a total beating I had to take. I guess no one can beat yourself up more than you can right?!
I'm not perfect. Our marriage is not perfect but because we are willing to see past one another's faults and are willing with every fiber of our being to progress and push each other is what helps us as a couple.
We are willing to apologize regardless of who's fault it was and regardless of who's right or wrong. It's far beyond that. We're in it for eternity and I'm finding that I really need to pick my battles and stop getting so defensive and hurt every time he voices his opinion. I need to leave the past in the past and KNOW he will not hurt me. He is NOT that guy. My insecurities will only hold us back.
It's not so much of the rainbows and butterflies that we strive for. We strive for real happiness. The happiness you only find when you center your love and marriage around God.
The article that I read talks about putting your spouse above everything else and eventually the other things fall into its rightful place.
I think this is true but like I've said before, centering our marriage around God is what helps put everything into perspective.
I know that everything my husband does is for our little family. He always has our best interest at heart so now it's time for me to have a little faith and back up off of him!!
Now is the time for me to really practice what I preach.
He is the best person for me.
Marriage is beautiful and wonderful because of him.
I'm not always the easiest person to deal with but he loves me no matter what I do and no matter how grumpy and mean I can be, he is always willing to forgive me.
We have fun, we laugh together.
We talk about our hopes for each other, for our children.
We're taking steps to reach our goals and dreams.
We support each other and we're honest with each other.
We hug and hold hands.
We try to do the small and simple things to nourish our marriage.
There will always be bumps in the road but I couldn't have wanted anyone else to take this journey with me.
We could have married others, we could have made it work with someone else but our paths crossed for a reason.
We were lead into each other's lives because I feel God knew that we'd make a great team.
I feel like I have a second chance for me to right my wrongs and God knew that my Lovey was going to be the one to see me in my true light.
He knew that Lovey was going to have a big enough heart to love me AND Khayleb.
He knew that because of the trials and heartache I had experienced that my Lovey would be the perfect one to pick me up, to make me feel beautiful and to make me realize how wonderful I am.
He knew that we'd be the best parents together to our little ones.
I sure am glad and blessed to have such an amazing man to call my husband.
I sure am glad that marriage has strengthened me and helped me become less selfish. (still a work in progress)
Thanks babe for being the peanut butter to my jelly. The macaroni to my cheese! (Love that movie Juno!!)
The hip to my hop! lol :)
I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday. One more day to Friday and I just can't wait!!


  1. I love this... I specially love this part "I need to leave the past in the past and KNOW he will not hurt me. He is NOT that guy. My insecurities will only hold us back." This really made me reflect. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Thank you! We really do need to have more faith in our men! They mean well and are great guys!

  2. I's the little things that make the biggest difference...just like you said holding hands and things like that!

    1. I love when my husband reaches for my hand or kisses my forehead. The little things make a huge difference.


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