Apr 2, 2013

A Second Chance

Growing up, I went to Young Womens and mutual nights. I would go when I felt like it and if I didn't have practice. I casually did my personal progress (if you have no idea what personal progress is check this out) but never really got into it. I never really grasped the importance of it. As an adolescent I was distracted. I had a crazy home life and Personal Progress seemed like the least of my worries.
My parents were on the verge of divorce and instantly I had to grow up a lot faster than I would have liked. I became "mother" to my sisters and with an absent mother (don't get me wrong I love my parents but it is what it is) and an emotionally distraught father, I went into auto pilot and did what I had to do. Both of which were pretty unreliable at that time in our lives. They were distracted and for a long time, it seemed like we had no parental figures. I don't say this for pity and I don't say this to harp on my parents. I've learned to let go of the resentment and love them no matter what. I speak these words because quite frankly it's my blog and I like real and raw moments. I share these memories because maybe someone can relate. As an outsider, we don't realize that EVERYONE has their own issues. The grass isn't always greener on the other side. Everyone has their own problems and stress. But what we do with those problems and stress is what matters. Do you look at your glass half empty or half full? Why?
Anyway our world came crumbling down and none of us kids knew how to deal with it.
We each had different coping mechanisms. I got lost in my duties as "responsible oldest sister."
I remember getting a job at a sandwich shoppe across the street from my school. Right after basketball practice I would hurry to my job and work until 9 PM then after work I would head home for a long night of homework. The paychecks that I received were measly. I used that money for my siblings and my lunch money and our gas money. I started driving when I was 12. In junior high I would drive to school and park our car near the seminary building. We were fortunate enough that our schools were within walking distance. My baby sister's elementary was right next to our junior high and our high school was right across the street. The seminary building was right in between the high school and junior high. In Utah, we had seminary during school. It just didn't count as an elective to graduate. We're pretty spoiled out there. I didn't realize this until I got married and saw my brother in-law wake up in the wee hours of the morning to head to seminary.
With all this craziness that was going on church, young womens, activities and especially personal progress was not something I thought of.
Since then I have always regretted the fact that I didn't take personal progress seriously. Last May I was called as the second counselor in our Young Women's Program for my ward.
I've learned so much and because I am a counselor I am eligible to earn my Young Women medallion. Yes, it seems silly because I'm an adult. Why do I need to do this?
To me, it's a second chance. I am able to learn the values again. It has more meaning. There's greater purpose for it. And to me, it's never too late. Now I can fully grasp the importance and the concept of why these values are in place. They are great stepping stones for our girls to realize their worth and their value is priceless. Personal Progress is helpful and useful long after these girls leave the YW program.
I will be documenting my personal progress on my blog because
1. It will increase my faith
2. It will show our Presidency that I'm legit! lol
Not that they would question me but it will be nice to have my progress in writing.
So first up on the list is FAITH. 
I will be required to list three experiences for this value. Then I am required to do a 10 hour project for the same value. My ten hour project will be finished this weekend because it has something to do with General ConferenceIf you don't know what that is, click on the link. Check it out. Before you do, watch with an open mind and an open heart and hopefully you will find a few answers you've always been wondering.

I hope you guys have a great Wednesday. I keep thinking it's Tuesday but thank goodness it isn't!
Tell me if you've ever had a chance to do something over again?
Oh yes and I'd still like to know, are you a glass half empty kind of person or glass half full?
Really, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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