Apr 1, 2013

His Take On This Thing Called Marriage

Since there are always two sides to every story, I thought it'd be fun to get my husband's take on marriage. He's very straight forward. He's not a man of many words because he lets his actions speak for him. I love him with all my heart. I say dumb things and at times I'm rude (I'm trying really hard not to be a brat) but he accepts me flaws and all. He humbles me and I don't know what I did to ever deserve him. So without further ado, here is my husband:

To me, marriage means being able to love your spouse unconditionally through the great times and the shortcomings. Although contrary to popular belief, there is NO such thing as a perfect marriage. And if I'm wrong (doubt it) and there is, then that's just weird (lol)! I think many couples are just really great at portraying that everything is great on the surface. In the beginning stages of marriage, things may seem like they can NEVER go wrong. I mentally prepared myself before my wife and I got married. I knew that our marriage wasn't going to be a walk in the park. I knew that everyday was not going to be perfect. But I accepted that before we even tied the knot. I thank my wife for her love and support. Although I come off harsh at times, I do love my wife with everything I have. As long as she knows I have her back in EVERYTHING, regardless of the arguments and tough times then that's all that matters.
5 things I think every marriage should have:

And there you have it folks. Sorry for those of you who aren't married and we're scaring you off. Marriage is a beautiful and wonderful thing. Something that shouldn't be rushed and a choice that should be wisely made! It isn't perfect because people aren't perfect but the journey is amazing if you find the right person to share it with. I hope you all have a wonderful week and that Easter weekend was all that you hoped it to be. What did you do? I'll share our weekend happenings a little later!


  1. I love your blog and the new setup! GOrgeous just like you sis! love how you both are growing individually and collectively together as a beautiful family in which you are!

    1. Sis, your words mean so much to me! Thank you! I'm grateful for being blessed to have you in my life. Miss you heaps!!


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