Apr 25, 2013

I can't stop laughing...

I was looking for throwback photos on my siblings' Facebook pages and I couldn't stop laughing.
Looking at some of these photos had me thinking, where in the world were my parents as a child? (wait they were snapping away hideous photos of their children that one day they could use as blackmail in the future!) And why would they possibly even think it was okay to take photos of me like this?
{Really, this is a shame! My hair is a hot mess and what am I playing with? This is a safety hazard.}

{Apparently this was cool! To go to Yellowstone Park and hug a tree. I wonder who the mastermind of this pose was?!}
These photos gave me a great idea! I thought that today I'll give you all some tips of what not to do when snapping photos.

TIP #1:  Don't take your children to Boomer's and play games where you'll get massive amounts of candy bars.
Your cheeks will end up looking like this:
TIP #2:
Please don't nap on the job with your child's blanket while they're playing on the laptop with one sock on and the house looks like a disaster!

TIP #3: If you're ever thinking that denim for your children looks cute, take a good long look at this photo and then think again!

TIP #4: If you think thin eyebrows are great, they're not! If you think posing with ice cream is cool, it's not either!

TIP #5: Don't be the only awkward looking sister at your brother's wedding!

Oh and hey did you know that I have a twin?
We're only about oh, eight years apart but she definitely is my mini-me and I love her to pieces.
Hope you all have an amazing day. After laughing at myself and these funny photos, I think I'm going to have a great day!


  1. haha! Many times we've watched home videos and said to my parent, "Why did you let us leave the house looking like that?" I just like to think since there weren't digital cameras, they had no idea what we looked like in still shots until they got the prints back. (But since we all have shots like that, maybe they are just meant to torture us later on)

    1. Yes, the still shot days! It's so crazy how technology has evolved. I'm glad we don't have to wait a week to get photos back! I'm pretty sure my kids will wonder what I was thinking when they look back on some of their photos.

  2. I LOVE THIS POST!!! Trust me those pics are bloody awesome compared to my many "What da heck were my parent thinking" picture moments! LOL Its funny because i know my mom still takes pictures like that now! I hope i have not taken any pics like that! hmmmm Denim! OH yeah those were the days! Denim on denim funny i was thinking that today coz i saw this guy on the train with navy blue denim straight jeans and then light blue denim vans on and i totally was sitting there thinking hmmm Denim on denim, i dont think this is right!!! Yup definitely a fashion NO! lol will have to blog about that later! LOVE you sis!

    1. Denim on denim is no bueno. There's very few people that can pull it off. :)

  3. Haha these all make me smile! Your family looks like you have a LOT of fun together! I have a lot of pics from when I was little where I just think OMG what were my parents thinking! Also - I'm totally excited for you about your marathon!!

    1. haha as a parent now, I do it intentionally because I know they're going to hate it when they're older so maybe that's what our parents did! :) I can't wait to read about your updates on your 2nd half marathon. You rock by the way for being on your second half!! That's awesome!


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