Apr 4, 2013

I Just Gave Away My Arm & Leg!

Can someone tell me WHY does insurance have to cost so much?
I just want to tell you all that I just gave away an arm and a leg so that my family can be insured! lol
What was I thinking?
I should have become a Doctor!
I'm totally kidding. My family is all worth it but I may have hyperventilated as I was doing my open enrollment for my benefits because yes people, I AM OFFICIAL! No more of this temp business! :)

On another note, today I wanted to talk about FAMILY!
Last night for mutual, we were able to take our youth to the visitors center in LA and see the LA Temple.

We watched a short video about God's plan for the family.
Sister missionaries talked about how we all have a family and how important they should be to us. We are all different. No family is the same. They come in different shapes, colors and sizes! As I was watching the video, I couldn't stop thinking about how amazingly blessed I am to have the family I have. To have an eternal family. That no matter what trials and adversities life throws at me, to know I can be with my family FOREVER gives me peace of mind.

What do you think of when you hear the word family? How does your family make you feel?
For me when I think of my family, the words that come to mind are:
loyal, funny, respectful, loving, caring and eternal.
When I was younger I would go to my friends' houses and come back home with the worst attitude. 
I didn't think my family was cool enough and I never thought my family understood me. I would wonder how I got stuck with them. (I'm sure they wondered why they were stuck with me too!) 
Getting older and having a family of my own, I hope to create a place where my children want to be home. A place where they would like to invite their friends over and a place where their friends feel welcome. Where they can feel comfortable, safe and loved. I hope to teach them all the things I believe will make them successful citizens, brothers, friends and most importantly in the future, husbands.
I believe that my husband had great examples to look up to and he learned at an early age that family will always be there for you. I on the other hand, am stubborn and thought I knew everything about everything. I had to learn the hard way. I realized that in each predicament I encountered, the only people who were there for me at the end of the day was my family.
Friends come and go. And if you're fortunate enough like me, you find friends that no longer stay your friends, they become family.
I was never one to think that your family had to be blood related. My family consists of not only my blood relatives but I have picked up a few great friends along the way that are most definitely a part of my family. The word friend just wouldn't cut it.
The thing I always have to remember is no family is perfect. We all have our fair share of arguments and disagreements but I hope you don't let it fester to the point where it can't be mended. 
I hope you reach out to your siblings, parents and relatives and let them know how much they mean to you.
I was never the greatest daughter to my mom. I always harbored such harsh feelings towards her so it clouded my judgement of how loving and caring she is. I never stopped to think of her background and the hardships she had to go through. I never once stopped to realize how much she sacrificed for me and what a beautiful woman she is. It makes me feel so ungrateful and like such brat. But I realize that we can't change our past but we can make things right. I'm trying my hardest now to mend our relationship and to let her know that she means the world to me. That I was truly given someone who would know me and care for me the way she does. I never want to go another day without my family knowing how much they mean to me. 
And I sure hope you don't either.
If you have relationships that need mending don't be too stubborn to break that ice. Don't let something so insignificant ruin relationships with family members. Tomorrow is never promised so do things to make it right NOW!
{I love my Khayleb. I miss him everyday.}
{Easter Sunday!}
{If you haven't noticed or are new to my blog, you surely will. We are winners of the ugly faces!!}
{My handsome little ones!}
What are your thoughts on family?
Do you have any crazy or funny stories of your family?
Let me know, I love a good story!!
Happy Thursday everyone, the weekend is almost here.   

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