May 14, 2013

Are you a creeper?

Lately I realize that whenever someone texts me it either takes me two seconds to respond or it takes me two days. In that case, doesn't the conversation seem void anyway?
I am kind of addicted to social media.
You want to know why I know this?
Because I embarrassingly respond to comments, posts and like photos within seconds they are posted.
Does that make me a creeper?
Sometimes I feel like one!
I promise I'm not a stalker except on those occasions where I like to blog stalk AshleyTaylorBrooke and Deidre
But don't we all have go to blogs that we read on the daily?
I'm not ashamed of that because these women are pretty amazing!
What's the standard on responding and 'liking' photos and posts?
I'm sure there is none and I'm making a fuss over nothing.
I hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday.
By the way, do you like Lovey's new tanks he came out with?
{Got myself some new workout gear!}
I'm loving the purple. Matches my nail polish. He's coming out with t-shirts soon. 
Check out his website. He's selling crew necks, hoodies and tanks in all assortments of colors. 
I love that hard working man. Always thinking of new projects and things to do.
Next month he has a show with his friend Nick in Alaska opening up for a Polynesian artist, Drew Deezy. In the Polynesian community, he's a pretty big artist and this is a great way to gain more exposure.
I'm so proud of him. So, so proud of him!


  1. I am a creeper! Having an iPhone makes that easy lol. If I'm making dinner, have 5 minutes to spare, whatever, I pick up my phone and check blogs/FB/twitter/instagram. I'm more addicted than I should be.

    1. Oh my gosh, thank goodness! I was thinking I was the only one! lol I am always on some type of social media. We should start an addicts group! :)

  2. My name is Quinn and I am addicted to social media + I am a creeper!. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, right?

  3. haha HI QUINN!! My name is Talisha and I am a SM addict! Great to know there's a support group for this! :) You are too funny!


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