May 14, 2013

Book Two

We are reading book #2 for the online reading group Natalie Reads
Really, if you haven't yet, request to be added to the group. It truly is such an eye opening experience to read the suggested books AND my favorite part, to hear other people's opinions and thoughts on the books we are reading.
Man's Search for Meaning is a great read. When I first started reading it, I felt like it was slow. 
What I failed to realize is that this book has so much depth and meaning to it that it's not meant to be a fast read.
Last night, I decided to read it again. I decided to read it with open eyes and read each sentence with care.
Take it in more.
Grasp, if at all possible, Viktor Frankl's experience of being in a concentration camp.
As I read this book, it makes me feel like I MUST live a better life. 
It helps remind me that there are a lot of people who went through horrific things. It reminds me that I must not be a passer by in my book of life.
As I was reading last night, the thing that stuck out to me was this:
"At times it will be necessary to have the courage to tell very intimate experiences."
Human beings often fear vulnerability. But it is through vulnerability, we often find commonalities with complete strangers. It is through intimate experiences we relate to one another or at least the heart reaches out in great sympathy and empathy for that person.
Before the book was published, Viktor Frankl almost decided to publish the book anonymously. He later realized that if he did that, the book would have lost its validity.
How many of us in Viktor Frankl's words have "the courage to state our convictions openly?"
I feel that we all have a story to tell. That each and every one of us can bring insight and enlightenment to one another. Often times, people choose to be anonymous. 
Tell me, how important do you think your story is?
Would you be willing to share raw emotion with strangers?
I know that whenever I pour my heart and soul over something that has happened to me, I get the most response.
But I feel like it's because people want to relate to others.
They want to know and feel that the grass really isn't greener on the other side.
That we make the most of what we're given. That it is up to us to decide how to look at life.
Your call, do you look at things as glass half empty or glass half full?
We all have things we are going through but the fact that we can push through is what makes it all worth it.
If there is ever a single book you are to read, this one would be it.
There really is so much insight. 
Yes, there is a feeling of sadness and guilt when reading this book but we must acknowledge the past.
These things happened and it is up to us to live a better life for those who have died in such horrendous ways.
Hope everyone is having a great day!

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