May 23, 2013

Building a solid foundation.

Have you ever noticed that when something is not right in your marriage or someone is just not ready or willing to let go, it can kill the whole mood until things are good again?
Have you ever wished you could jump into someone's mind to see what they are really thinking?
Have you ever felt like the harder you try not to be a nuisance, things always seem to go awry more often than not?
Have you ever noticed that the less annoying you try to be, the more you just are?
Have you ever noticed that when you ask if someone is okay or if something is wrong, even if nothing was in the first place, that question alone was enough to put someone over the edge?
Why is it that when you try harder, things seem less smooth?
Why is it that when you want things to work out, Satan tries to bring you down?
Don't get me wrong, I love being married and wouldn't change it for the world but I realize that when we, as a couple, aren't solid, nothing is.
When our foundation falters just a little, everything seems to crumble.
It's crazy how different each individual can be. 
The fact that two people can process the same thing in two totally different ways.
It's crazy how your upbringing can play a huge factor in some of the traits you acquire.
It's crazy to step back, to view as an outsider looking in and see that some of the things you do are the same things you've seen your parents do.
History sometimes repeats itself.
Habits we saw as children get picked up. 
The good AND the bad.
When I say bad, I don't mean anything major.
Just some traits that aren't as desirable. 
We carry it over into our new lives as husband and wife.
We see what we thought worked for our parents and we find ways that work better for us.
Let's be real here! Couples argue, bicker and have differences but in the end they make up and solve issues.
When it's broken you fix it, you don't throw it away right?
At least that's how it should be.
When you argue, what type of person are you?
Are you the "silent treatment" type that doesn't want to talk until hours or days after an argument?
Or are you the type that needs to "talk until you're blue in the face to process the details to try to understand and realize the issue at hand and what you can do to solve it"?
Are you the "I don't want to talk about it anymore, let's get over it" type?
The "super duper sensitive" type?
The "tough love" type?
The "stay mad until you can't find any more reasons to stay mad" type?
Are you stubborn?
Or are you a peace maker?
Get the point?
Can you guess which type of person I am?
Maybe I over analyze just a little.
Okay not a little, A LOT.
I think and think and think.
Sometimes it gets exhausting.
Sometimes it makes me an emotional wreck.
Can you imagine how my poor husband feels? 
I started thinking of how people do things differently and how crazy opposite someone is from the other.
Yet in that same breath how many similarities you have with your significant other.
How much you actually work and gel well together.
It made me think that even in the most simple tiffs or arguments, I would not be able to do it with anyone else.
It made me think that my choice to marry my Lovey was the best choice for me.
He suits me so well and knows me better than I know myself sometimes.
We mesh, we work and by golly (who says that) we ALWAYS pull through.
The great thing about having him is that he is mine forever.
We are eternal companions.
Through life AND death, we will always be one.
The simple fact that we were sealed in the temple, the price that our Savior paid to loose the bands of death that we might receive blessings of eternal life helps us put things into perspective.
I realize that no one is perfect and I realize that I wouldn't want any other person to spend forever with.
Through thick and thin, I know he will always have my back.
I sure do love that man. The good, bad, ugly and the beautiful! lol
Married or not, what type of person are you?
Sorry if this was too deep for you on a Thursday. 
It was weighing heavy on my mind and had to share it.
Happy Thursday ya'll!!


  1. I'm definitely an over-analyzer as well, which is so frustrating. I'm getting better about it, though!

    1. I'm getting better too just because my husband is a 'don't sweat it' type of guy so he mellows me out.
      I hear ya on the frustrating!
      Enjoy your weekend with your handsome boys, Ashley!!


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