May 10, 2013

Friday's Letters

Everyone knows what day it is, whoo-hoo! I made it one whole week without my friend Bonnie. She took a whole week off from work and it was definitely different. I missed her so.
I'm linking up with Ashley today.

Dear 5k: I used to fear you. I used to dread you but I actually really like you now! Tomorrow we're running and I will run you in 27 minutes. If I don't, I need to slap myself! lol

Dear Mama: I don't know how you dealt with me. Tears come to my eyes when I think of all the pain I've caused you. An ungrateful little brat is an understatement when talking about how I felt towards you growing up. I blamed all my problems and our family falling apart on you. Little did I know that was far from the truth. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for never giving up on me. For pushing through even when you wanted to quit. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being our solid foundation and even when falling, picking yourself back up again. Thank you for showing me just how strong you really are and that you're a fighter.
One day, I'll have the courage to tell our story and what you had to go through.
Thank you for pushing through your dark moments and demons and being a faithful servant of the Lord. I know you deserve the world and I promise you, if I could I would give that. But until then, you have my love and my heart. Being a mother is tough and beautiful. Thank you for seeing us through and for letting me live. Being a parent is hard having to let go and let your children find themselves and learn right from wrong on their own and you did it like a champ. I'm sure you've cried many quiet tears and said many fervent prayers for me to come back to the light. Guess what mom? It worked! I see clearly now. I will never stray again. I love you with all my heart.
{My mom, me and Kendric}

{Mom with Hola and Kendric}

Dear Bonnie: Please don't take PTO anymore. Being in the office by myself is no fun. It was nice getting to know other people while filling in for you but really no one does your job like you!! Miss you and can't wait to see you!!

Dear Lovey: I love when you talk to me about the projects you are working on. I love seeing the passion in your eyes and the love you have of music. You've definitely passed that on to our children because they are music lovers as well. I love you and am proud of you!

(Photo by Jayeb Photography}

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! I know I will.
I don't even care that it's Mother's Day on Sunday because every day is Mother's Day for me. I don't expect anything because my boys always do something sweet and special for me all the time and Lovey is always helping around the house and it never fails that laundry is done and folded when I get home from work. It's been like that since day 1. He truly is the best. I'm so grateful.
Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?
Anything sweet and exciting for your mom?

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