May 16, 2013

How (NOT) to:

I'm always fascinated at some of the blogs I follow and how cute they look while taking photos of their outfits.
The fact that they look so natural and pretty.
It's almost sickening because I look like a hot mess when trying.
Trust me, I've tried it! Just wait, I'll show you!
My favorite go-to girl for cute ideas and fashion tips is Ashley.
I love her style and she looks so cute whenever she posts her outfits.
Yesterday on the way home from work, I asked Lovey if he could take a photo of me in my dress.
I can't stop laughing even as I type this because I was embarrassed and apologized telling him it was for the blog.
Oh, the joys of being a husband to a blogger!!
One day, I will have him tell you all the nonsense he deals with on a daily basis!
Anyway, my first photos of me in my "Outfit of the day" or better known as the hashtag "OOTD."
I will never be a fashion blogger.
Most people like to show "how to's" and "tips" on specific things.
Here is where I differ. I will show what not to do.
It's been my motto in life! (no, I'm kidding)
Let us begin.
How NOT to take outfit photos:
TIP #1: Please don't take photos with the sun shining directly on you so you have to crinkle your forehead and you somewhat look like a drag queen.

TIP #2: Don't slouch like this, it's not cute.
Know what angles look good because this one is not flattering. 
What am I looking at you ask?
Oh I don't know, maybe the sun from the first picture blinded me!
TIP #3: When all else fails and your husband is laughing at you because your poses suck just opt for the neck down photo.
I'm jotting this down now. On my Christmas list is a DSLR camera with a tripod so I can take these ridiculous photos by myself so I can laugh to myself as I delete them.
But until then, I'm sure my husband will bear with me.
And there you have it folks.
I am a mother, a runner, a wife, a decent cook, a baker, a youth leader but I am NOT a model.
Hope you're having a fabulous day.
Tomorrow is Friday and I can't wait!
Tell me, what are things you have tried and know you are just not cut out for?


  1. Oh, girl!! You should've seen my first outfit post. I set my camera up on some books and everything just looked so weird! You better work that cute dress, Talisha!

    1. I don't believe that one bit! You always take the best pictures! :)

  2. I always feel awkward when taking outfit pictures. But also I think we are our biggest critics. You look adorable, and that dress is not only beautiful but flattering on you.

    1. Brooke, you just made my day!! :) Thank you, it was a great find at Ross! lol


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