May 15, 2013

May's Jewel of the Month.

I have an amazing friend, Haleigh who has a website that promotes embracing womanhood to its fullest. We go back to when we both lived in Utah. We met through mutual friends and hey what do you know? We both live in California now! She lives in LA while I am in Orange County.
Being from the south, Haleigh is definitely a southern belle. She knows all about the glitz, glam and fashion of being a woman and she is also a sports nut. She loves, loves it! She can talk sports all day long. So how brilliant is it that she came up with her two favorite things? Jewels & Jerseys.
Check it out, she and another southern belle, Mary Catherine show you fun work out tips, share healthy recipes and of course talk sports.
It's great to see sports from the perspective of a woman.
They definitely know their stuff.
They feature Jewels of the Month.
They highlight inspiring women who embrace their femininity and all the women that have been featured are absolutely amazing.
They are go-getters, multi-taskers, wonderful and beautiful women.
Last month Haleigh contacted me and had asked if I would be willing to be May's Jewel of the Month.
Are you kidding me?
I'm not inspiring, I'm such a plane Jane.
I don't do anything cool or fun.
But more times than not, I usually give myself the short end of the stick.
Well, of course, I said yes!
I think it is an honor and privilege to even be considered an inspiration to women.
Check out May's Jewel of the Month featured of yours truly.
In the interview I share a little bit about how and why I started running.
Oh yes and if you did read the article, you totally read that right. I was 200 lbs.
It took a lot of work to shred 50 lbs and am still working to lose my last 15.
I'm not for being stick thin but to each is their own.
I embrace my curves and would never want to lose my badonkadonk.
Thanks again Jewels & Jerseys!!
You ladies are amazing and I love what you all do.
Keep it up!


  1. You know I love a southern belle :-) I liked your interview over there! I agree...I maintain a healthy lifestyle for my boys as well. It's so important!

  2. I just love Southern belles! Always looking good and super duper nice! Ya'll (<<like that) are awesome!


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