May 24, 2013

Most people get cards & flowers. I got a song & a video!

This past weekend I was able to ride along with my husband and one of his best friend's James. James is part of Jayeb Ent and he's been doing videography for a few months now.
He's a natural which is why my Lovey wanted him to shoot this video.
It was so much fun to shoot scenes with Lovey.
Obviously it was easy because I didn't have to act.
Coming down the stairs in the video gave me butterflies and all the feelings came flooding back from when we started dating.
Let me tell you, shooting a video is no joke.
We shot the same scene over and over from different angles. James wanted to make sure he had enough footage to use when he started editing.
I would have to say, this was the best date ever.
It was work but so so great to be able to spend time with my husband.
We grew closer in this experience because I was able to see firsthand how much work goes into it.
It was cool watching him in his element.
He's a natural.
It was such an honor and privilege that he asked me to be in his video.
So...does this make me a video vixen? haha just kidding.
I loved doing this project with Zeeky and James.
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!
I'm so excited for my three day weekend, you have no idea!!


  1. Replies
    1. You are sweet! So glad I found you and your awesome blog!! That is all! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for watching! :) It was an awesome experience.

  3. I bet that did take a long time to make. Your husband is super talented and you look fantastic in the video!!

    1. Thank you Ashley, it's nice to hear that from other people because of course I think he's kinda cool! :) Thank you for your super sweet words! Hope you enjoyed your weekend!!


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