May 5, 2013


Sometimes I feel like I don't get the support I need. Sometimes I want a little more affection and attention. Sometimes I hate that my siblings are so far away. Sometimes I feel alone. I really wish I could say exactly how I feel without feeling like it's going to get thrown back in my face. Sometimes I wish I could run far and long to a place where no one can find me. Sometimes I feel more sad than happy. Today is a huge downer. Today I feel sad and I don't care who knows it. I know tomorrow will be better and this will be just a distant memory but until then or at least just for an hour, I will let myself feel how I'm feeling. Although I'm in this slump, I know it'll get better. It always does.


  1. keep your head up. Things will work out alright. At least you are honest with how you a feeling. That is the first step to moving past it.

    1. Thank you, you are so right. It will work out. It's times likes these I have to realize that Satan is trying to get into my head. I feel better now. Thank you for your encouraging words!


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