May 20, 2013

They think they know

I've heard time and time again from guys saying that child birth isn't that bad and women exaggerate everything.
Luckily, my husband has never said that and has always acknowledged the fact that there are reasons women do the things they do. He recognizes that it is a woman's divine calling and purpose to bear children.
This video clip makes me laugh. Most of you may have already seen this before but I've watched it more than once and I laugh every time.


  1. I joke all the time with my hubby that if he had to be the one to have babies, we would be childless!. Men just couldn't handle what we go through :)

    1. We're pretty strong right?! lol I loved every minute if this video!

  2. I love it!! I've seen something like this before and the poor guy ended up getting sick all over the place. That will teach them!! :)


    hope you are having a great Monday!

    1. Seriously! It is so funny. It's definitely not a walk in the park!


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