May 20, 2013

What are my boys up to?

KHAYLEB: He is counting down the days until he can spend his summer vacation with me and the boys.
He tells me all the time that June is almost here. He passed his multiplication in math and has moved on to division. He's such a smarty pants!
He got to spend the weekend with my mom and sisters yesterday. I talked to him yesterday and he was speaking in a goofy foreign accent.
He always sounds so happy when he's with my mom and sisters. They're really close!
{We're famous for crazy faces!!}

{He's getting so big!}
{My Khayleb aka Hola}

JACK: Is still really into cars and trains. His new thing is Angry Bird Star Wars. He is very goofy and is just like his older brother Hola. He is not shy at all and loves attention. He is always trying to make people laugh. He is just as attached to his hair as we are. He is patient with his brother Kendric but goes ballistic when he can't take anymore of Kenny's instigating. He likes to divvy out his time with everyone. (just like Hola) He is potty trained and has been for two months now. Yay!!

KENDRIC: He marches to the beat of his own drum. He is very shy if he doesn't know you and it usually takes him 5 minutes or so to warm up to you. He is a bully and has to show his brother he's a tough guy. He usually likes to instigate things. He is into music, sports and loves to dress nice. He always has to have his shoes on and a hat on. He is a cool guy and is really good at dancing! I stopped nursing him the beginning of this year and now as a comfort thing, he likes to touch my stomach. If he's tired, he'll say, "I wike a da stomach, I want to touch da stomach!" It's super cute unless we're in public and then it's not so cute!


  1. They are all so cute!. I am in love with the younger boys' curls!!. Unfortunately, my kids will probably all have stick straight hair :(

    1. My oldest has hair like me but my two younger boys were fortunate to have nice curly hair like my husband!

  2. I agree...the curly hair is so gorgeous. But Khayleb's straight hair is super handsome too :-) So glad that Khayleb is coming in June..that's going to be so fun!

    1. Oh I am so excited for him to come. I can't even wait!!


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