Jun 13, 2013

A Hike and crazy teens...

Saturday morning I went on a hike with the youth in our stake.
We met up at Upper Newport Bay and walked the trail about four miles. Our destination was the Newport Beach Temple.

Along the way we had a few keynote speakers that talked about the announcement of the Newport Beach Temple and the process of it being built.

In April of 2001, the announcement of this temple along with a temple in Redlands was to be built.
The Redlands Temple was built and dedicated before the ground work even started with the Newport Beach Temple.
There was a lot of fuss with the community of Newport because of the steeple and they wanted the temple to match the other buildings in the city.
The great thing about Newport Beach Temple is that this temple was completely funded by the local members' contributions.
I thought that was a neat thing to hear.
During our few pit stops, we made it a point to play on the playgrounds.
{Playing at Arroyo Park in Newport Beach}

{Garden Grove 2nd, Samoan ward}

At the beginning of the hike some of the kids were testing my patience but as the hike went on things mellowed out and they were so much fun to be around.
Sometimes the kids would look at me and wonder why I was barking out orders like stay to the right for bikers and to stay with the rest of the group.
I think they thought I was one of them.
I know I certainly act like a kid but when it came to their safety and having to be accountable for all of my kids, I went into mama bear mode!
Natural instinct right?
{Some of our lovely girls from the 4th & 6th ward}

{These are my kids from Garden Grove 1st ward and a recent convert from the 4th ward}

{Brother Campbell talking about NB temple}

{My kids are so well behaved! Special thanks to their parents!!}
It was nice to see that the kids were interested in knowing more about our local temple.
Our final destination was the Newport Beach Temple and our last speaker was one of my good friends, Lanea Wilson.
I wrote about her and her family here.
I kinda sorta LOVE this woman!
She always gives me great advice and she's always willing to "talk me off the ledge," so to speak, in certain situations of my life and most importantly she is always telling me to savor my moments.
My moments with my husband and my children.
She is the sweetest person I know.
Her children are amazing and well behaved.
She and her husband definitely raised great children.
She's so in tune with the spirit that the minute she started talking, I was already balling.
She talked about how at the age of 12, she made a decision that she would marry in the temple and that she loved her future family so much that she wasn't going to have anything but an eternal family.
She shared her beautiful love story of her husband and she shared that even though Jerry isn't physically here, they still have a partnership. That because they made covenants with the Lord in His holy house, they are forever.
That Jerry is still hers and they are still raising their family together, just in a different way.
I really miss him and I know that one day the Wilson's will be reunited with their loving husband and father.
I loved the fact that she said he can be with their kids more now than she could ever be.
Listening to her speak was amazing.
She is definitely a special spirit and I often think of her as a kindred spirit.
She has lifted me up in many situations without even knowing she has done so.
She listens to that still small voice and has in one way or another been a tool for the Lord to help answer my prayers.
When she finished her talk, the kids went on a tour around the temple with a couple of the Elders that were there.
The leaders stayed back but mostly because we were all a mess with tear stained faces and puffy eyes.
This hike was fun and I definitely think I'll do it again except next time, I'll run it. 
To be honest I wasn't too excited to be going but I'm glad I went.
It seems as though this is the way it always is.
The Lord has a great way of humbling me.
Don't get me wrong, I love my calling and the kids I serve. 
They teach me so many things and they are just all around great kids!!
It really has been a blessing being a part of the Young Women's program and seeing all the amazing things the kids do and to watch them serve willingly.
It is very time consuming and I often wonder how our Young Women President, Tanya gets anything else done other than YW stuff. 
She really is amazing and kept thinking to myself while on this hike that she really is the best and the perfect person for that calling.
Grateful and humbled to be a part of the presidency.
Have you ever had a time where you really didn't feel like doing something but afterwards, you were so glad you did?!

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