Jun 14, 2013

Fitness Fridays!!

This week I am joining Jen again for Fitness Fridays.
Head over to her blog and check out some amazing and inspiring women.
This week, I challenged my friends to eat clean but let's face it, I AM WEAK!
I LOVE food!!
So much so that I may or may not be eating a candy bar.
It looks like I need help so please send me clean eats recipes that you enjoy and that are easy to make.
If you'd like, you can even put me on blast so I can make better food choices!
I don't have a lot of time so I need to change my thought process on eating healthier.
This weekend, I am going to challenge myself to make all of my meals on Sunday for the upcoming week.
I need to say it out loud so then I have to be accountable for my actions.
My half marathon is coming up the end of next month and I was so worried about time.
I was so worried about getting a good sub minute mile but I'm realizing that I need to stop thinking.
I just need to run.
Heck, getting to that finish line is an accomplishment in and of itself!
Note to self: less thinking, more doing!
This week I got together with my girls and we busted out Monday's workout.
It was short and sweet but very effective.
My arms were sore the next day.
Yesterday was the first time I did tabata training.
I did the workout with my sister who is visiting.
Oh how I've missed her.
It's like living in our old home again, laughing like little school girls.
She's an athlete.
Looking over at her while she was doing each set effortlessly made me push myself more so than if I were alone
If you're not ugly after your workout, you're not doing it right!
We were definitely OOOGGGGLLLAAAYYY!!
We measured ourselves and I am happy to report that in one month, I've lost an inch in my hips, waist and calves.
Lost four inches in my thighs and three inches on my glutes.
I think it's so important to track your progress.
I write everything down and it makes me feel good to see the progress.
Watching videos of when we lived in North Carolina reminds me of where I started, how big I was and that I never want to get back to that dreaded 200 lbs.
Gaining baby weight was not fun and it played its toll on my self esteem.
I never wanted my husband to go anywhere or do anything because I was insecure.
Now that I'm working on myself and feeling more confident (mind you I said confident not cocky) it has helped our relationship tremendously because I'm not relying on him to make me feel better about myself.
He couldn't care less whether I weighed 200 lbs or 145, he loves me no matter what.
 But I do know that it has relieved him of having to constantly reassure me that I'm beautiful.
I think every woman should find ways to empower themselves.
I'm not a gung ho feminist but I am a firm believer of taking care of yourself first before taking care of others.
It's not selfish.
If you can't take care of yourself then it makes it a lot harder for you to take care of others.
My children get the majority of my time.
But it's great being able to have time for myself and to do things for just ME.
It helps me become a better person all around.
Have you ever felt insecure or unsure of yourself?
I hope that even if you do, you remember you are AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL no matter what anyone says.
Hope you all have a great weekend!!


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