Jun 25, 2013

Forgive me

I feel bad that I've neglected my little space in this world wide web but when life happens, it's best to enjoy and savor the moments as opposed to write and talk about them.
After all isn't it through actually living that we find our greatest treasures, moments and stories?
Anyway, now that I've got some time on my hands let me get you up to date with our household.
As you all know, my Khayleb (better known as Hola) is with us for the summer and we are just loving every minute of it.
My heart is so full at times I feel it might burst.
I feel that I'm happier during the summers just for the simple fact that he's under our roof, watch and care.
He's the best helper and big brother I could have ever asked for.

My sister decided to ditch me and go back to Utah but it was great having her here for a week.
Before she left we went for a ride along the coast and decided to stop at the beach.
It was a spur of the moment kind of thing but my sister got some really great photos from it.

The boys enjoyed the beach and they even went against my wishes of not getting soaked! But what did I expect?! It's the beach for crying out loud! 
Jack and Hola loved it. 
Kendric wasn't too sure so he stuck by my side the whole time.
Spending time with my family makes me happy and I feel very grateful to know that they are mine FOREVER!!
Lovey's album release party is coming up on July 6th.
There aren't even enough words for me to tell you how proud I am of him.
I love his drive and his fire.
The things that he's accomplished within five months just amazes me.
Our time is limited and stretched super thin.
We have many responsibilities as well as goals we plan to achieve in a short amount of time. 
It makes for a happy marriage when we're not so wrapped up in what we're lacking and just uplifting and supporting one another.
Also the Fitmamas So-Cal group I started 5 weeks ago has gone from three people joining me weekly to eight.
I love that it's growing. 
It helps me want to continue with my fitness goals.
I also love the fact that it's a great way to come together and have a common goal in mind.
No one is there to judge you, we're all there for support and it's FREE.
It really has been great getting to know these women.
I'm excited to see what the upcoming weeks will hold.
I have been trying new workout regimens and it's been fun being able to put together these workouts.
I've never really saw myself as a coach or motivator but as we hold these workouts throughout the week, it's been a much easier role to fall into.
My marathon is coming up in exactly one month and two days.
Am I nervous?
I'm also excited about it.
My new goal after running this half marathon is to try to qualify for the Boston Marathon.
I am going to make that my goal for 2014.
So there you have it, I've announced it and will have to follow through because I don't back down on anything!!
What have you all been up to lately?
Shoot me an email or a comment because I'd really love to know!
Any fitness goals, life goals, life dreams wanting to pursue?
Hope you're having a great Tuesday.
Make it a fabulous one!!


  1. Those beach pictures are beautiful! Boston?? That's so amazing! You are inspiring!

    1. Thanks Samantha, it's Huntington Beach, CA. I feel the same for you. Love that I've been able to get awesome tips and advice through your blog.


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