Jun 19, 2013

It's time for change...

I came across a beautiful blessing in disguise this morning.
I read this amazing blog post.
You see, I'm not perfect.
I'm far from it.
If there's one thing I've learned throughout the years, it is this:
Regardless of how much I acknowledge the cons of my childhood and adolescent years and promise myself that I will never do the things my parents did while growing up, I am sure enough going to pick up some of their habits.
Growing up we basically had years worth of training on what not to do and things you shouldn't say.
Coming back into present time, being a mother of three wild, care-free and curious boys, I wanted to take a different approach but as the years go by, I am finding that I am yelling and it is ineffective and my boys shut down when I do.
Mind you, I'm not walking around the house screaming and shouting like no tomorrow, I just lose my cool and raise my voice after a while.
My patience is tested day in and day out.
But I need to remember they are children, they want to explore their limits.
They are learning and growing each day.
After reading this I've decided that today is the day where I need to make a change.
Today is the day where I need to practice more patience and find more effective ways to have my children listen to me.
I don't like being yelled at and I know for a fact neither do they.
It's time for me to realize the error of my ways and make a conscious effort to treat them with all the love, kindness and respect I can possibly give.
If I can't teach them and help them feel these things, then where will they learn it from?
The home is where they should learn love and respect and now is the time for change.
Are there some things you feel like you can make a change in?
I have many but we'll start with this one for now because I definitely think it's essential.


  1. I've read that article before, and really enjoyed it. So mind opening. I like your attitude...about starting the change right now. I'm bad about saying..oh I'll do better next week, or even tomorrow. But right now is the best time to start! I'm trying to get better about being more patient.

    1. Oh man, patience is a hard one for me. I think she makes a great point about taking things out on the kids. I find myself more agitated when I'm overwhelmed or am upset with something other than my kids and end up taking it out on the wrong people. So far so good. I'm noticing that I have to walk away a lot just to gather myself again.


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